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What a weekend!!

This weekend was the more relaxing, soul healing weekend a girl could ask for! My best friend Lindsay and I (we live 3 hours apart) got to spend the weekend taking long walks, talking non-stop, giggling, enjoying good food and OF COARSE creating!!
What I love about Lindsay is she was the girl who got me into crafting on a more serious level!!! Her and I have both changed as artists in huge ways and have developed very different styles! But we can still appreciate each others craft and are constantly learning from each other!!


My weekend was dedicated to finishing up some projects for the Bloom Girl Design Team (I’m a guest artist). And let me tell you I created my little butt off!! This will be my first design for the ‘open month’ of August!! We will all get to design a project of our choosing using whatever makes out hearts sing!! So naturally u got messy and went for mixed media!! A tone of layers, patience while things dried and more layers were involved!! But the outcome was gorgeous!! I will give a tiny sneak peek but you’ll have to wait till Sunday for a full viewing!!


A ton of fab products were used here!!!

-matte gel medium (I love using matte because I find it’s easier to work over top of and it doesn’t resist my layers that go on top of it!)
-flexible molding paste
-heavy molding paste
-BASIC acrylic paint

-mica flakes

Prima Marketing Inc
-Assorted Metal flowers

Dina Wakley
-heavy body acrylic paint

-Dylusion sprays


-paint brushes
-old book paper, old sheet music and old sewing patters
-archival ink
-gel pop dots



Give credit where credit is due…

I must give credit to an amazing man in my life. My very handsome fiancĂ© Jamie, is one of my biggest supporters of anything and everything I do. He is never told me no, in fact he encourages me when I’m unsure and I’m ready to say no. When I’m overwhelmed with life and we have a million things to do, he stops everything and says you need a crafty weekend away. How many people are lucky enough to say that?! He encourages me and nurtures my creative side, even when he doesn’t quite get it. I will come out of my craft room, all excited ready to show him what I’ve made, he will stop everything he’s doing to take a look at my project even though I know it doesn’t excite like it does me!! It’s kind of me because my first started crafting he just let me do my thing and he wasn’t involved whatsoever. That was seven years ago, now when I come down with a project and I say ‘I think it needs something else.’ He will always respond with a suggestion, ‘maybe some words here,’ or ‘maybe a few of those little white flowers over there.’

He is truly amazing.

I felt the need to give this credit to him this weekend, as he is sending me away to spend the weekend with my fabulous girlfriend to craft and giggle the weekend away. (Even though there’s 1 million things that need to be done. And yardwork that need to be finished). So I must tell you that it is thanks to Jamie that I’m going to be able to send you all of the crafty post that are to follow in the next few days!!


Let me change you…

I LOVE wandering antique shops and garage sales looking for that one special item. That one that I look at and whisper ‘let me change you…’

I LOVE altered items and mixed media!! These things make me happy. Changing something from ‘ordinary’ to something that I have made into a little piece of Sherry!!

Let me show you what I mean!! I found these plain, wooden banners that had been used for god knows what! They were dusty and had worn off images on them so I thought to myself, Self, let’s make this beautiful!!! So here was the finished result!!






Product Lines used:
Prima Marketing Inc (Bloom Girl stamp, stencils, Bloom sprays, assorted flowers, word trinkets, wire, resin clock and paper)
Tim Holtz (distress ink, blending tool, texture stamp and stencil)
Liquitex (matte gel medium and light molding paste)


Share the love!!

When you see posts or blogs that you love, share them! This is how this industry will grow, thrive and be nurturing for everyone!! There is more then enough room for all of these beautiful, creative minds in the world!! When you feel inspired, share that love and inspiration others!

I feel honored….

So I have been teaching classes for a few local scrapbooking stores and I feel truly blessed. I have been able to share my knowledge as well as absorb knowledge from my amazing students. But it wasn’t until a class attendee sent me a message a couple of days ago that I felt the happiest and the most proud feeling I have felt so far as a sharer of creativity….

When she came into class she seemed flustered and uneasy about the project she was about to tackle. She revealed to me that this project was out of her comfort zone and that she was trying something new (and scary) for her.

This was the class project:


But a couple of days ago I received a very excited message from her expressing her first (and amazing) attempt at her first ‘out of the box’ layout!!!

Part of her message to me:
“At the bollywood crop and this is my completed challenge. Thank you for inspiring me to think a little more outside the box.”

This was her challenge project:


So proud!!!


Prepared to be inspired

I have raved over this stacked team so prepare to be inspired by their blogs!!
Check them all out and love and share their work!!

Zoey Emanuela Scarpelli

Louise Nelson

Courteney McMillan-Gibson

Lisa Novogrodski

HeeSun Kim

Mindy Baxter

Jennifer Priest

Wendy Morris

Anita Rodway

Lisa Adametz

Jeannie Richie De Gruccio

Stephanie Beauchemin

And as soon as I have blog or site for Samara Lopez Gugler I will post her as well!!

Start your Bloom journey now!!

I know what you’re thinking… I love all the pretty things I see being made with The Bloom collection but ______________(insert silly reason not to try here).

I think we have all had insecurities about our abilities before… Im not good enough, it’s not my style, I don’t know how to do that, I don’t know how to draw, I can’t get out of the house to take a class….The list goes on!!!! BUT lucky for all of you who want to try, and love, being a Bloom Girl/Guy here is your chance!!!! Jamie Dougherty has made it an easy follow along way to learn how to do different techniques and different girls ONLINE!! And you can do this in yours PJ’s.

So here’s the link that will blow away all your inner fears and empower you as an art person!!!

This is one of the classes the I signed up for for the year and am pretty excited to be taking it!!! So go check out what Jamie Dougherty Designs has to offer!!

Let me introduce you…(Bloom Girl DT)

I am honored to introduce you to the extremely talented Bloom Girl Design Team.


This team is loaded with amazing talent and I can’t wait to see the awesomeness that comes over the next 6 months!!



So today IT was released!! The Bloom Girl design team!!! And I was extremely fortunate to be asked to be a guest designer on this stacked team!! The talent has already blown me away and inspires me!!

This is Jamie Dougherty’s fb page where all the awesome will unfold!!

This is a wee peek at one of my fav Bloom Girl designs!!



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