Give credit where credit is due…

I must give credit to an amazing man in my life. My very handsome fiancé Jamie, is one of my biggest supporters of anything and everything I do. He is never told me no, in fact he encourages me when I’m unsure and I’m ready to say no. When I’m overwhelmed with life and we have a million things to do, he stops everything and says you need a crafty weekend away. How many people are lucky enough to say that?! He encourages me and nurtures my creative side, even when he doesn’t quite get it. I will come out of my craft room, all excited ready to show him what I’ve made, he will stop everything he’s doing to take a look at my project even though I know it doesn’t excite like it does me!! It’s kind of me because my first started crafting he just let me do my thing and he wasn’t involved whatsoever. That was seven years ago, now when I come down with a project and I say ‘I think it needs something else.’ He will always respond with a suggestion, ‘maybe some words here,’ or ‘maybe a few of those little white flowers over there.’

He is truly amazing.

I felt the need to give this credit to him this weekend, as he is sending me away to spend the weekend with my fabulous girlfriend to craft and giggle the weekend away. (Even though there’s 1 million things that need to be done. And yardwork that need to be finished). So I must tell you that it is thanks to Jamie that I’m going to be able to send you all of the crafty post that are to follow in the next few days!!



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