Places I love

And by places I mean websites and blogs that inspire!!!

First stop is the amazing Limor Webber. Here you will find everything you need from inspiration and online classes to upcoming events and an online shopping!!! Everything beautiful in mixed-media happens here!!!

Next stop is the Bloom Girl herself, Jamie Dougherty. If you want someone who will help you feel confident in creating beautiful beautiful faces and people, this is where you should pop in!!!

And of course I have to support some local shops but I like to frequent for inspiration and some supplies!!! Treasured Memories, Urban Scrapbook and The Inked Stamper. It’s worth checking out all three shops! The reason I love them is they are all very different in what they offer and what they bring to the table for me as a consumer!!

And of course I have to share a little bit a love for all of my Bloom Girls on the design team!!! So check out the blog that features all of us on the team!! Here you will find our inspiration for the monthly challenges, some beautiful art by the team members and links to all of the design team’s blogs.

Thank you for sharing in some of the things that inspire me. And please please please share with me what inspires you!! I’m always looking for great new blogs and websites to look at!!!



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