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‘Cherish This Moment’

Ok so I’m going to start off with a tiny bit of gadget excitement!! It’s not often that I get exited over a new gadget but then again new things are always coming out!! So how many times do we take a million photos on out phones/tablets with the intention of creating a perfect project… Buuuuuuut they never actually make it off our devices!! Enter the Canon Selphy… This little baby makes it convenient to print photos wirelessly in seconds!!! So I no longer have to venture out to get photos printed, because let’s be real, I can’t remember the last time I actually did that!!
Ok gadget rant over!!

Now as a creators of pretties we tend to have our brains going a mile a minute at all times!! So I’m sure I’m not the only one but I was sleeping about a week ago when I project came to my mind. So naturally I had to get up and sketch my idea so I wouldn’t forget all the elements or the picture I imagined being in it!! And after many layers and time drying and arranging this was what my came of my dream…


Here is a light how-to on some of the steps involved in creating this beauty… And here’s a link to a fab online store I use to pick up product, feel free to check out Limor Webber Designs online store!!

Take out a piece of 12×12 chipboard, 12×12 patter paper, strong tale adhesive and clear gesso (by Prima Marketing) with a brush to. Use your tape adhesive to adhere your pattern paper to the chipboard. (I suggest a medium weight chipboard as it will be thick enough to support the layers you will add but thin enough that you can put it in a 12×12 frame to display if you want.) Using a brush apply a coat of clear gesso to the top of the patter paper, this will stiffen it up a bit and make the paper less fibery so it won’t over absorb your other products and layers.

First off I distressed the edges of the paper/chipboard using a Prima distressing tool. Then pull out two brown distressed inks (by Tim Holtz), one shade lighter then the other, (Walnut stain distressed ink and vintage photo distressed ink used) Tim Holtz distressing tool and a black gelato (by Faber-Castell). Starting with your lighter coloured distress ink and your blending tool, dab some color from your ink pad and in a circular motion pull color from the edges aprox 1″ in towards the centre. Then take your darker distress ink and its respective blending tool and again in a circular motion drag color from the edges of the layout aprox 1/4″ towards the centre. Then smudge the black Gelato just along the very edges of the layout and using your finger smudge the Gelato keeping it along the edges only.

Cut a coordinating pattern paper to 11″ tall and aprox 9″ wide. I distressed the left edge with a Prima distressing tool. Then using the same brown inks from the previous step distress ink the edges like the previous step. Place adhesive on the top, bottom and right edges of the back of this paper. (Tape adhesive used) Adhere the piece along the right edge of your layout aprox 1/2″ from the right, top and bottom edges.


Before getting started with the custom gel medium and stencilling lets peel back the left side of the piece we just adheres down. Rip small pieces at a time (not ripping a piece off) peeling them back and crinkling to make it look more distressed. (Refer to photo).

Add black gelato around the edge of the pattern paper you just put down, avoiding the place you just crinkled back. Then using your finder smudge the gelato keeping it along the edges of the paper only. This will help tie all the patters and papers together.

Now take a coordinating magical color (By Faber-Castell), I used Ramblin Rose Pink, and mix in with matte gel medium. Remember a little goes a long way and you can always add more!! This will give u a custom colored gel medium! How fun is that?! Now take your diamond stencil (by Prima Marketing) and using a pallet knife spread the gel medium through the stencil, making sure to keep your stencil still and held down in the same spot. Allow to dry.

Using pigment Izink in opaline and orchid and burnt sienna Ink!(by Liquitex) I added accents and splatters to the page.

Now start layering strips of paper and words that are in coordinating colors to your backgrounds! Make sure you distress them all with the distressed ink and distressing tool before layering them down. Then use your black gelato along some of the paper strip edges and smudge to tie it all together.

Pull fiber strands from a burlap sheet and form them into different sized circles! Arrange them along the right side of the layout using a strong fine liquid adhesive.

Tear your photo to be the right size for what you want to work with!! Then using your lightest brown from the earlier steps distress the edges using your blending tool. Using the same stencil as the background apply crackle paste (by Golden) with a palette knife through the stencil. Allow this to dry naturally as it will allow more “crackle” to happen then if it’s heat gun dried! Plus it saves the integrity of your photo as well!

Now using pop dots/foam dots adhere your photo and sayings into place allowing it to pop up!
Take a grey Pitt Pen (by Faber-Castell) and accent where you feel it needs it! I did a little around some of the diamonds and around some of the edges/corners of the photo to tie it in a bit so the photo doesn’t look like its floating!

Thank you so much for checking this out!! Hope you enjoyed!



So I am always to excited when my fav online stores get re stocks!!! And of coarse after a little shopping I thought I would share!!! I had to make sure I got my goodies before they sold out!!!

Limor Webber Designs

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Canvas moments

So with our last anniversary as a non-married person I figured I would make it special!! So along with the project I am going to share with you I did a super fun scavenger hunt and a chef come in to cook for us! I wanted it to be a big deal as it’s our last anniversary as a dating couple!!

But one of his stops on the scavenger hunt he got this mixed media canvas as a gift for his office. So I had fun making this little gem using all sorts of favorite mediums! And fortunately we received our amazing engagement photos back so I got to use one of my favorite ones:) just a wee shout out to the AMAZING Hailey Nordstrom!!

Anyways here’s the project as a whole.


To start off i crumpled up old book pages and old sewing patterns. Then I flattened them out and used matte gel medium to collage these pages onto a canvas. Bunch up a few lengths of thread and set this into the wet gel medium. I let this dry for a few hours. (I prefer to avoid a heat gun for drying gel medium! I prefer the finish when it’s left to dry over time). Once this is dry I layerer Golden fibre paste in a sporadic manner. Doing so will allow some spots to be thick in some spots covering the paper and some thin so the papers visible. Allow this to dry!


I picked three co-ordinating colors (grey, cream and white) and paint portions of the canvas. I painted grey around the edges, cream inside the grey then white in the center. So the entire canvas was covered. Allow to dry for a minute (but not completely)
Using baby wipes, wipe away as much or as little as desired! I like to rub away enough to expose some of the paper!

Take a circles stencil and using gelatos in three colors (I used gold, grey and light blue) and outline random circles in the top left corner of the canvas, and the bottom right corner. Spray the gelatos with water and smudge the circles to smooth the colors within their respective circles!

Clean your stencil (or don’t!) and use it and gloss gel medium to make another layers of circles in the top left
Of the canvas and the bottom right. I used a palette knife to spread the gloss medium. Allow this to dry.


Once the background was done it was a matter of finding (and distressing) a pic, pulling out some random left over embellies from my stash and layering away!! On the little puffy ‘moments’ word I smudges the gold gelato on it to make it pop a bit!!

A few close ups..




Thank you for checking it out!

Love for the gelli!!

My gelli plate is one of my fav layering tools for backgrounds and for tying together a project. With a gelli plate you can create layer after layer using different colors and techniques for each coat!!

This project was one of my entries for the Limor Webber Designs design team. It was one of my favourites. The colors are strong and bold but don’t overtake the photo:)

Using scrap paper, a favourite photo, select acrylic paints and my trusty friend the gelli plate I have created this fab background in my art journal!! As you can see I further embellished with a few chipboard embellies (from Prima Marketing and Pink Paislee) and flowers to create some 3D layers! And to tie it all together a few background stamps and some IZINKS inks and BAM it’s all done!!!

Here is a full view of one of my fav gelli plate project….


And a couple close ups….




Thank you so much for checking it out!! Stay tuned for more projects and a few sneak peeks here and there!!

Time to expand!!

After flooding my personal FB page for years with contests, crafts and my creations I have decided its time to create a fb page for all my scrappy goodness!!! So click here to check out the beginnings of Awsome!!! And please feel free to follow and share!!


What is happening…?

So I have applied to a few design teams in the past years and have never been fortunate enough to make the list. Before anyone is worried I am having a pity party, know that I honestly believe everything happens for a reason!! So in saying that I know that I didn’t make those DT’s because I had growing to do and because I wasn’t in the right place in life to be prepared for it!

How lucky can a girl be?!

But this year has been my biggest growth and most accomplished in every aspect of life. I have found my niche in the creating world. As eclectic as I am I have found my style and that made me stronger and more confident. I feel that because of this I have been blessed with being accepted to not one but TWO design teams as a guest designer.


Yes that’s right I said TWO!! I am a guest designer for Bloom Girls which I announced mid July, and now I am pleased to announce my guest designer spot on the Limor Webber Designs design team!! It was released today so I can finally yell it from the roof tops!! Lol. Make sure to check out the Limor Webber Designs blog to see this amazingly talented line up!!

This is yet another loaded team with ridiculous talent from all over the world! Stay tuned for links to everyone’s blogs, sites and peeks at their work!

I can’t wait to be on this journey and to share it with you every step of the way.


DIY tank top

I don’t know about you my crafty friends but I’m a sucker for ANYTHING handmade. Especially if I made it. Every time I create something, a little piece of my heart is with that item:) so when Jamie Dougherty filmed this tutorial on DIY tank tops my mind was blown!! Why hadn’t I thought of that…. I had thought of creating any kind of crafty project but never clothes I could wear or gift to others!


So without further hesitation…. Here is a free tutorial on how-to and tips on creating your very own tank top!! The great thing is this is transferable to any kind of fabric, clothing or even paper items:)

Loving gelato…

So I have always love Faber-Castell and have used many of their products. But, it wasn’t till a week or so ago that I re-fell in love with gelatos. They are so smooth and easy to manipulate! With or without water then blend and smudge fabulously!!




The ease of blending and the smooth texture make them a quick go to for me when it comes to color or adding pops of color!!

In this super fun, super easy collage style wall art I used gelatos, versa mark, embossing powder, scrap paper and matte gel medium!!! (And a few baby wipes)

Never stop being challenged!!

I believe in having goals and being challenged… Sometimes/most of the time these two come hand in hand!!! When in comes to creativity, my goal is to always push my limits, push my comfort zone and to try new ideas. This is where challenges come in!!! It gives you a color palette and generally that is all!! This forces us to think outside the box and interpret the concept however we see fit!!

When I got the honour of being part of the Bloom Girl guest design team my goal was to take part in every month challenge!! So far so good!! This month was different for me!! It presented me with colors I don’t normally use!! So I chose to utilize the browns, creams and oranges of the palette and this is what my mind created!!!! I hope you enjoy. Also check out the blog for more design team inspiration!!

Here is the challenge…


Now my spin on it…


A few close ups..!



Never stop challenging yourself, make mistakes, try new things, MAKE A MESS!!