What is happening…?

So I have applied to a few design teams in the past years and have never been fortunate enough to make the list. Before anyone is worried I am having a pity party, know that I honestly believe everything happens for a reason!! So in saying that I know that I didn’t make those DT’s because I had growing to do and because I wasn’t in the right place in life to be prepared for it!

How lucky can a girl be?!

But this year has been my biggest growth and most accomplished in every aspect of life. I have found my niche in the creating world. As eclectic as I am I have found my style and that made me stronger and more confident. I feel that because of this I have been blessed with being accepted to not one but TWO design teams as a guest designer.


Yes that’s right I said TWO!! I am a guest designer for Bloom Girls which I announced mid July, and now I am pleased to announce my guest designer spot on the Limor Webber Designs design team!! It was released today so I can finally yell it from the roof tops!! Lol. Make sure to check out the Limor Webber Designs blog to see this amazingly talented line up!!

This is yet another loaded team with ridiculous talent from all over the world! Stay tuned for links to everyone’s blogs, sites and peeks at their work!

I can’t wait to be on this journey and to share it with you every step of the way.



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