Canvas moments

So with our last anniversary as a non-married person I figured I would make it special!! So along with the project I am going to share with you I did a super fun scavenger hunt and a chef come in to cook for us! I wanted it to be a big deal as it’s our last anniversary as a dating couple!!

But one of his stops on the scavenger hunt he got this mixed media canvas as a gift for his office. So I had fun making this little gem using all sorts of favorite mediums! And fortunately we received our amazing engagement photos back so I got to use one of my favorite ones:) just a wee shout out to the AMAZING Hailey Nordstrom!!

Anyways here’s the project as a whole.


To start off i crumpled up old book pages and old sewing patterns. Then I flattened them out and used matte gel medium to collage these pages onto a canvas. Bunch up a few lengths of thread and set this into the wet gel medium. I let this dry for a few hours. (I prefer to avoid a heat gun for drying gel medium! I prefer the finish when it’s left to dry over time). Once this is dry I layerer Golden fibre paste in a sporadic manner. Doing so will allow some spots to be thick in some spots covering the paper and some thin so the papers visible. Allow this to dry!


I picked three co-ordinating colors (grey, cream and white) and paint portions of the canvas. I painted grey around the edges, cream inside the grey then white in the center. So the entire canvas was covered. Allow to dry for a minute (but not completely)
Using baby wipes, wipe away as much or as little as desired! I like to rub away enough to expose some of the paper!

Take a circles stencil and using gelatos in three colors (I used gold, grey and light blue) and outline random circles in the top left corner of the canvas, and the bottom right corner. Spray the gelatos with water and smudge the circles to smooth the colors within their respective circles!

Clean your stencil (or don’t!) and use it and gloss gel medium to make another layers of circles in the top left
Of the canvas and the bottom right. I used a palette knife to spread the gloss medium. Allow this to dry.


Once the background was done it was a matter of finding (and distressing) a pic, pulling out some random left over embellies from my stash and layering away!! On the little puffy ‘moments’ word I smudges the gold gelato on it to make it pop a bit!!

A few close ups..




Thank you for checking it out!


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