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Light Up Your Life!!

This is my second big blog post from the fab Bloom Girls blog! Make sure to pop over for more info and pictures of the full project!!



For this project the only thing I purchased was the lampshade! leftovers from other projects or scraps of paper from my scraps bin were all that were used to create this new shade! It’s crazy to me how something can be altered and changed so much with a few pieces of paper and some fun flowers. And of coarse the beautiful ‘Summer’ as the focal point!

Again pop on over to the blog to check out more info/details for this beauty!


Blooming Through The Season

I signed up for this amazing online workshop months ago and have watched a few videos but hadn’t done any of the projects. Well a few days ago I started this little lady and fell in love with her more and more as I added more layers.



I felt such happiness as I picked colors and created this page. I realized why I take online courses and the importance of them. Sometimes we get busy with the everyday, with deadlines, schedules and routine. We forget to expand and to learn and to advance…. But in taking this first project and immersing myself in it I realized how far I have come BECAUSE of classes and courses. So please
Look into this course, or any course for that matter… Expand, find what makes you grow and what makes you heart smile….

Horses aren’t my whole life… They make my life whole…

What an honor…

Ok so usually when I create its light and positive and makes me smile…. But this one was a bit different… I was approached by a girl who has had some devastating things happen around her and her family lately. So she came to me after seeing my work and enjoying my style and asked me if I would document this moment.

So my friends name is Megan… Her and her family are very into mini horses. They how them and raise them and love them. For them they aren’t just horses, they are as good as pets an some are just like kids. So when spring/summer came Megan would tell me about all the pregnant mommas they had!! So it was like I owned these beautiful creatures…. I always enjoy hearing about the babies as they were born and hearing how excited Megan was about each baby and all their individual markings and personalities…. There was one set though that she talked about more often (we all pick our favorites!!). Mommas name was Jazz and baby was Jake.

Heads up this is where the story gets sad… One evening jazz took really sick and the family did everything they could, the vet did everything they could think of. But jazz was very sick and unfortunately they lost her. Megan was devastated and to keep her mind going she focused to baby Jake… She made sure he ate enough and was always loved and taken care of as he was the only baby without a mom.

One evening jake was acting weird so they kept an eye on him but realized he was getting worse quickly. So with a call to their amazing vet Jake was receiving in medical attention quickly. After a while the vet felt good and said they should go home, sleep and relax and come back in the morning. Unfortunately not long after they left the vet discovered his insides had flipped and there was not saving him. So unfortunately they lost Jake as well.

So you can imagine how sad this situation was. To lose to pets so close together was devastating for the family….

Now is where I come in. Megan’s mother-in-law’s birthday is on the 22nd and Megan asked if I would help them to document their memories of these two beauties. I was beyond honored to have been trusted with this task. I didn’t take this project lightly. I thought out every piece and placement of everything that went into this heart. But with a few tears and a lot of pride I finished this piece. So here it is… This is the gift that I gave this family to remember the good and the positive….


And a few close ups…









What are you thankful for?

I realized today as much as I say thank you and appreciate everyone around me and what I have, that I don’t take the time to fully think of all the little things that make my life something to be thankful for….

So starting this weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving) I am going to make a conscious effort to fully appreciate all the little and big things that makes me lucky and able to be thankful.

I am thankful for a family who I love with all I have. When all else fails they will always be there. They are the people I can count on without a second thought. Two parents who raised me to stand confident and independent on my own two feet. A brother who has my back no matter what. He is quiet and sits back but when shit hits the fan I am glad he is on my side! We have grown a lot closer over the past few years and I am so happy for that!! And a sister who I will tell you more about in a minute….

I am thankful to have environment to spark my lifestyle change. And to fully support all of its needs. Hayabusa Training Centre has been this place for me. It’s a place I can always go to be around amazing, fun, supportive people and get a crazy workout at the same time. I never get the ‘shoot, have to go to the gym’ feeling. I am always excited to go and I am thankful for that. It makes my life a lot easier!

Along with the gym I am unbelievably thankful for my sister… She has been the persistent nagging voice in my ear when I didn’t want to change but needed to. She used every tactic she could and ended up winning in the end and changed my life before it got worse. She is the most caring person I know and I couldn’t have asked for a better best friend. When I question myself she pushes be further. I am proud to be her sister and wouldn’t want anyone else beside be everyday! She is a strong, independent woman who I strive to be like every single day. I look up to her and am thankful for her.

And last but not least my extremely handsome fiancĂ©. He is the man who is strong and secure enough to push me to my limits and not be concerned or worried. He always pushes me to go for things I am unsure about and things that will potentially take time away from him. He stands beside be through all the hard tough times. And that’s how I know he deserves my good happy times… I am extremely thankful that I met this man when I did and that I went through all I did before him so I could truly appreciate him…

Thank you for reading my thankfulness. Please share what you are thankful for.



Woohoo!!! I have been waiting for this month to come!!! Let me share a little back story! I have been a crafter for over 10 years but have really fallen into my niche over the last 5 ish years! I have really discovered my ‘style’. I have applied for a few teams and have not been fortunate enough till the Bloom Girls Team came along! I believe that everything happens for a reason!! That I was passed up on so that I could find my calling and figure out more about myself as an artist and to learn and fine tune myself. (Don’t get me wrong I have ALOT to learn, always learning!)

When I got the email from JAMIE DOUGHERTY asking if I would accept the Guest Design Team position I was in the grocery store…. I won’t lie, I let out a little excited hurray and did a little dance in the middle of the aisle! Then the process started and the guest designers all picked a month to be theirs!! And we all wait patiently for our month to come. And what do you know.. It’s my turn!!! So here’s a little peek at the projects, there will be more views on the blog!!!



Be gentle…..

The following is my fab tutorial…

This was actually my first tutorial I did so be gentle with me!! Lol. I have done a lot of research and promise for better photos for the next one!! Can’t go back and re take pics!! I just couldn’t not share this baby with you. I love the finished product so much!! Lol but still enjoy, this one is technique packed!!! I promise for better pics next time!!!


Step 1: I used clear gesso to stiffen up my background paper! This will make it hold up with all the layers I’m going to be adding! Allow this to dry or use a hear gun to speed up the process!!


Step 2: Take out a ‘bubbles’ stencil and Super heavy white gesso (by liquitex) and using a palette knife (you can use anything you would like to spread the gesso ie and old credit card or gift card) spread gesso through the stencil diagonally accross the layout. (Top left corner down to bottom right corner). Allow this to dry!


Step 3: Pull out your gloss gel medium and a chevron stencil, using a plette knife apply gel medium through the stencil from the right edge and smear towards the centre. (I used a gloss gel medium for this step because I wanted it to resist the other layers I am going to put on top of this.) allow this to dry. (I prefer to let gel mediums dry on their own because it reduces the chance of bubbling and keeps a smoother finish!)


Step 4: While my project is finishing drying, I took out some wood letters (by Prima), some embossing powder (by Lindy’s Stamp Gang) and versamark (pad and pen). First I pressed the wood pieces letter side down in the versamark pad and sprinkled ‘angel wings peacock’ embossing powder and heat gunned them! Then using the versamark pen I brushed the edges. The I sprinkled ‘midnight gold’ embossing powder on the wood pieces again. Before heat gunning these I took a small, dry paint brush and made sure there was only ‘midnight gold’ powder along to edges, none in the middle. Then heat gun!!


Step 5: Taking pieces from my ‘scraps’ bin I cut different widths (2″-1/2″). First I took my Prima distressing tool and distressed the edges of the strips of paper. Then using my Gelatos (by Faber-Castell) I distressed the edges. To do this I started with my gold Gelato and rubbed it along the edge and using my finger I smudged the color in a circular motion to make sure I got to gold about 1/8″-1/4″ in from the edges. Then I lightly applied the black Gelato to the edges and smudged with a straight king staying parallel to the edge I’m working on the keep the black just along the edges.

Arrange these along the right edge of the background and a few along the bottom. Keeping the ‘bulk’ of the paper to the bottom right area. And layer the. To be visually appealing to you!

Take your black Gelato and smudge it along the background around the edges of the strips of paper you just layer down. This will help keep the, defined and stand out from the background.


Step 6: Using the same bubble stencil from the background, some random die cut pieces (by Pink Paislee) and some different mediums (chalk board paint by PRIMA and Faver-Castell, super heavy gesso by Liquitex) I applied ‘bubbles’ to each piece of die cut paper. I kept each medium to their own pieces of paper, but you could use more then one if you wanted! Allow to dry.




Step 7: Using the Prima distressing took i distressed my photo along the edges and scratched in the corners on the surface of the photo as well. Using the gold and black Gelatos I smudged them on the edges of the photo and die cuts in the same fashion as the strips of paper from step 5.

Arrange the die cut pieces with out attaching together using the photos as a guide for where you want the pieces to sit. Once you have th die cuts arranged how you like use a stapler to attach them together.

Using pop dots adhere your photo to these stapled die cut pieces. Use your white Pit Pen to accent the die cuts and the edges of the picture. (I smudged my white pen to soften it a little bit)



Step 8: in a spare container smudge a thick layer of your accent color to the bottom. Now add water to this and mix with the non-brush end of a small paintbrush, mixing until it’s a smooth liquid. Pour this into a mini mister and use as a custom spray!! I sprayed this in the bottom right corner so the spray would peek out once the photo arrangement was in top of it. Allo this to dry.


Step 9: using the same bubble stencil as before I applied some random spots or bubbles using super heavy white gesso. This helps to tie it all together and adds an element to a majority or the layers in one way or another



Step 10: take light molding paste (by Prima) and put it into a container (I used a paint palette) and scrape in some Gelatos of your feature colors. (I used the same blue I used the the spray from step 8 and the gold I have been using all along! Keeping the colors separate) and mix thoroughly. Using your bubble stencil apply a set of gold bubble from the top left towards the centre and a set of blue bubble in the same area.


Step 11:using a black pit pen (Faber-Castell) rub it onto your number/letter stamp to apply a date onto a piece of chipboard (Bloom Girls, PRIMA).

Step 12: using pop dots adhere your photo/die cut collage onto the bottom right corner of your layout.


Step 13: rip a spare piece of paper to aprox the size of your photo. Place this over your photo to protect it. Using a fan paint brush dip it into a liquid/runny paint. The tapping the brush over the bottom right area of your layout. Allow this to dry the remove the paper that was covering your picture.

And you’re done!!! Here are a few more pics of the layout in its completion!




I need to shout out a big thank you to my fav online store, Limor Webber Designs Online Store. It’s so easy to get exactly what I need and it’s ready quickly!!! She keeps me stocked up on my faves so I am never out!!! So please support this amazing woman and check out the store. (Hint: there’s always gems in the sale section as well!!!)

It’s Challenge Time

Hello my pretties!!! It’s the time again for another beautiful challenge palette! This month has a spooky little twist to the regular inspirations! So you can either give it a Halloween inspired twist or just pick your fav colors from the palette and creat away!! I won’t lie this is the second month in a row I have been challenged to use colors I would t mormally use but that the point, isn’t it? To be pushed outside your box and possibly find new color combos you unknowingly love!!! Since I’m a fan of using what you have a had a mini scavenger hunt of my already existing stash, pulled out a few goodies and created away! I used an old cigar box as the base and a few embellished embellishments and BOOM, project complete, I wish it were that quick! But with lots or layers and a few waiting times for things to dry this project was fun to make! Here is my take on this one, enjoy!!


And a few close ups of my fav details!!




And a wee peek at the front of the box!!


And wait not longer… Here is the challenge palette!! And please feel free to pop over to the Bloom Girls blog to be inspired by other design team creations!!


Products used
-Bloom Girl Collection- Jing stamp
-Prima Marketing- 3D gloss gel medium, black gesso, assorted flowers, assorted mechanicals
-Tim Holtz- distressed ink (assorted Browns) and distressing tool, knob pull
-multiple silhouette cut outs, glass tube
-assorted paper from my leftovers stash!
-melted wax for a few drips