Be gentle…..

The following is my fab tutorial…

This was actually my first tutorial I did so be gentle with me!! Lol. I have done a lot of research and promise for better photos for the next one!! Can’t go back and re take pics!! I just couldn’t not share this baby with you. I love the finished product so much!! Lol but still enjoy, this one is technique packed!!! I promise for better pics next time!!!


Step 1: I used clear gesso to stiffen up my background paper! This will make it hold up with all the layers I’m going to be adding! Allow this to dry or use a hear gun to speed up the process!!


Step 2: Take out a ‘bubbles’ stencil and Super heavy white gesso (by liquitex) and using a palette knife (you can use anything you would like to spread the gesso ie and old credit card or gift card) spread gesso through the stencil diagonally accross the layout. (Top left corner down to bottom right corner). Allow this to dry!


Step 3: Pull out your gloss gel medium and a chevron stencil, using a plette knife apply gel medium through the stencil from the right edge and smear towards the centre. (I used a gloss gel medium for this step because I wanted it to resist the other layers I am going to put on top of this.) allow this to dry. (I prefer to let gel mediums dry on their own because it reduces the chance of bubbling and keeps a smoother finish!)


Step 4: While my project is finishing drying, I took out some wood letters (by Prima), some embossing powder (by Lindy’s Stamp Gang) and versamark (pad and pen). First I pressed the wood pieces letter side down in the versamark pad and sprinkled ‘angel wings peacock’ embossing powder and heat gunned them! Then using the versamark pen I brushed the edges. The I sprinkled ‘midnight gold’ embossing powder on the wood pieces again. Before heat gunning these I took a small, dry paint brush and made sure there was only ‘midnight gold’ powder along to edges, none in the middle. Then heat gun!!


Step 5: Taking pieces from my ‘scraps’ bin I cut different widths (2″-1/2″). First I took my Prima distressing tool and distressed the edges of the strips of paper. Then using my Gelatos (by Faber-Castell) I distressed the edges. To do this I started with my gold Gelato and rubbed it along the edge and using my finger I smudged the color in a circular motion to make sure I got to gold about 1/8″-1/4″ in from the edges. Then I lightly applied the black Gelato to the edges and smudged with a straight king staying parallel to the edge I’m working on the keep the black just along the edges.

Arrange these along the right edge of the background and a few along the bottom. Keeping the ‘bulk’ of the paper to the bottom right area. And layer the. To be visually appealing to you!

Take your black Gelato and smudge it along the background around the edges of the strips of paper you just layer down. This will help keep the, defined and stand out from the background.


Step 6: Using the same bubble stencil from the background, some random die cut pieces (by Pink Paislee) and some different mediums (chalk board paint by PRIMA and Faver-Castell, super heavy gesso by Liquitex) I applied ‘bubbles’ to each piece of die cut paper. I kept each medium to their own pieces of paper, but you could use more then one if you wanted! Allow to dry.




Step 7: Using the Prima distressing took i distressed my photo along the edges and scratched in the corners on the surface of the photo as well. Using the gold and black Gelatos I smudged them on the edges of the photo and die cuts in the same fashion as the strips of paper from step 5.

Arrange the die cut pieces with out attaching together using the photos as a guide for where you want the pieces to sit. Once you have th die cuts arranged how you like use a stapler to attach them together.

Using pop dots adhere your photo to these stapled die cut pieces. Use your white Pit Pen to accent the die cuts and the edges of the picture. (I smudged my white pen to soften it a little bit)



Step 8: in a spare container smudge a thick layer of your accent color to the bottom. Now add water to this and mix with the non-brush end of a small paintbrush, mixing until it’s a smooth liquid. Pour this into a mini mister and use as a custom spray!! I sprayed this in the bottom right corner so the spray would peek out once the photo arrangement was in top of it. Allo this to dry.


Step 9: using the same bubble stencil as before I applied some random spots or bubbles using super heavy white gesso. This helps to tie it all together and adds an element to a majority or the layers in one way or another



Step 10: take light molding paste (by Prima) and put it into a container (I used a paint palette) and scrape in some Gelatos of your feature colors. (I used the same blue I used the the spray from step 8 and the gold I have been using all along! Keeping the colors separate) and mix thoroughly. Using your bubble stencil apply a set of gold bubble from the top left towards the centre and a set of blue bubble in the same area.


Step 11:using a black pit pen (Faber-Castell) rub it onto your number/letter stamp to apply a date onto a piece of chipboard (Bloom Girls, PRIMA).

Step 12: using pop dots adhere your photo/die cut collage onto the bottom right corner of your layout.


Step 13: rip a spare piece of paper to aprox the size of your photo. Place this over your photo to protect it. Using a fan paint brush dip it into a liquid/runny paint. The tapping the brush over the bottom right area of your layout. Allow this to dry the remove the paper that was covering your picture.

And you’re done!!! Here are a few more pics of the layout in its completion!




I need to shout out a big thank you to my fav online store, Limor Webber Designs Online Store. It’s so easy to get exactly what I need and it’s ready quickly!!! She keeps me stocked up on my faves so I am never out!!! So please support this amazing woman and check out the store. (Hint: there’s always gems in the sale section as well!!!)


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