Woohoo!!! I have been waiting for this month to come!!! Let me share a little back story! I have been a crafter for over 10 years but have really fallen into my niche over the last 5 ish years! I have really discovered my ‘style’. I have applied for a few teams and have not been fortunate enough till the Bloom Girls Team came along! I believe that everything happens for a reason!! That I was passed up on so that I could find my calling and figure out more about myself as an artist and to learn and fine tune myself. (Don’t get me wrong I have ALOT to learn, always learning!)

When I got the email from JAMIE DOUGHERTY asking if I would accept the Guest Design Team position I was in the grocery store…. I won’t lie, I let out a little excited hurray and did a little dance in the middle of the aisle! Then the process started and the guest designers all picked a month to be theirs!! And we all wait patiently for our month to come. And what do you know.. It’s my turn!!! So here’s a little peek at the projects, there will be more views on the blog!!!




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