What are you thankful for?

I realized today as much as I say thank you and appreciate everyone around me and what I have, that I don’t take the time to fully think of all the little things that make my life something to be thankful for….

So starting this weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving) I am going to make a conscious effort to fully appreciate all the little and big things that makes me lucky and able to be thankful.

I am thankful for a family who I love with all I have. When all else fails they will always be there. They are the people I can count on without a second thought. Two parents who raised me to stand confident and independent on my own two feet. A brother who has my back no matter what. He is quiet and sits back but when shit hits the fan I am glad he is on my side! We have grown a lot closer over the past few years and I am so happy for that!! And a sister who I will tell you more about in a minute….

I am thankful to have environment to spark my lifestyle change. And to fully support all of its needs. Hayabusa Training Centre has been this place for me. It’s a place I can always go to be around amazing, fun, supportive people and get a crazy workout at the same time. I never get the ‘shoot, have to go to the gym’ feeling. I am always excited to go and I am thankful for that. It makes my life a lot easier!

Along with the gym I am unbelievably thankful for my sister… She has been the persistent nagging voice in my ear when I didn’t want to change but needed to. She used every tactic she could and ended up winning in the end and changed my life before it got worse. She is the most caring person I know and I couldn’t have asked for a better best friend. When I question myself she pushes be further. I am proud to be her sister and wouldn’t want anyone else beside be everyday! She is a strong, independent woman who I strive to be like every single day. I look up to her and am thankful for her.

And last but not least my extremely handsome fiancé. He is the man who is strong and secure enough to push me to my limits and not be concerned or worried. He always pushes me to go for things I am unsure about and things that will potentially take time away from him. He stands beside be through all the hard tough times. And that’s how I know he deserves my good happy times… I am extremely thankful that I met this man when I did and that I went through all I did before him so I could truly appreciate him…

Thank you for reading my thankfulness. Please share what you are thankful for.



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