Horses aren’t my whole life… They make my life whole…

What an honor…

Ok so usually when I create its light and positive and makes me smile…. But this one was a bit different… I was approached by a girl who has had some devastating things happen around her and her family lately. So she came to me after seeing my work and enjoying my style and asked me if I would document this moment.

So my friends name is Megan… Her and her family are very into mini horses. They how them and raise them and love them. For them they aren’t just horses, they are as good as pets an some are just like kids. So when spring/summer came Megan would tell me about all the pregnant mommas they had!! So it was like I owned these beautiful creatures…. I always enjoy hearing about the babies as they were born and hearing how excited Megan was about each baby and all their individual markings and personalities…. There was one set though that she talked about more often (we all pick our favorites!!). Mommas name was Jazz and baby was Jake.

Heads up this is where the story gets sad… One evening jazz took really sick and the family did everything they could, the vet did everything they could think of. But jazz was very sick and unfortunately they lost her. Megan was devastated and to keep her mind going she focused to baby Jake… She made sure he ate enough and was always loved and taken care of as he was the only baby without a mom.

One evening jake was acting weird so they kept an eye on him but realized he was getting worse quickly. So with a call to their amazing vet Jake was receiving in medical attention quickly. After a while the vet felt good and said they should go home, sleep and relax and come back in the morning. Unfortunately not long after they left the vet discovered his insides had flipped and there was not saving him. So unfortunately they lost Jake as well.

So you can imagine how sad this situation was. To lose to pets so close together was devastating for the family….

Now is where I come in. Megan’s mother-in-law’s birthday is on the 22nd and Megan asked if I would help them to document their memories of these two beauties. I was beyond honored to have been trusted with this task. I didn’t take this project lightly. I thought out every piece and placement of everything that went into this heart. But with a few tears and a lot of pride I finished this piece. So here it is… This is the gift that I gave this family to remember the good and the positive….


And a few close ups…










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