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What are you thankful for…

2015 will be my year of being thankful and staying positive. No matter what comes my way I am fortunate enough to have a ridiculously good group of people to have my back. So this year, with im sure a few set backs and obstacles, I will look for the silver lining, the positive. Every situation has one right?
So this year (and from now on) I will become stronger mentally and physically because of the people I surround myself with and the people I choose to have an impact on my life. There will always be people in my life that I can’t eliminate, but I can choose how they effect me and how much I let them change my feelings and emotions…. This is my goal.

So to start off with a clean slate and a positive mind I start off by sharing what I am lucky enough to have in my life.

-amazing family. They will always be there for my unconditionally… It doesn’t matter the time of day if I phone they will always be there. And no matter my decisions they back me and encourage me.
-a handsome fiancé. He will always push me to be my best. Always allows me to make my own decisions and will back me no matter the outcome. He will love me till the end of time and I have no question of this.
-with an amazing fiancé comes a second family. I am lucky to have a group of people who started off as complete strangers who all but adopted me into their family:)
-and last but absolutely not last a ridiculous support system known as my friends. There may only be a handful of them but again I would rather a small amount of amazing, feel good friends then a mass amount of so-so friends who are there due to convenience…

This is where my focus will be for 2015… Where will yours be??


A little free spirited

I wanted to show how easy and simple using the Bloom Girl products can be! Sometimes we get caught up in making an intricate, layers project that we forget that simple can be so beautiful. So today I created a piece that can either be used on a larger more intricate project or stand alone in its simple beauty.


Creating her was fun, quick and needed only a few supplies (listed below). So to start I stamped the Free-spirit stamp along the edge of water color paper. I used the smooth side! That’s what I love about this paper is that there is a textured side and a smooth side, so depending on your project it’s the perfect paper! Also, make sure to use a permanent ink when stamping her, because we will be using watercolor pencils we want to make sure the lines won’t smudge as we color her in. Then using a black market I coloured in all the negative space that she wasn’t. Then the fun begins! Using Prismacolor watercolor pencils I colorer her in. With watercolor pencils I like to create a soft line around the edges of the are im working on, then using a small, flat, damp brush (not dripping wet. And a water pen would work as welL) drag/blend the color out, towards the center. You can always add more color but it’s tricky to lift color up and off! Once this is complete and dry I took out a red cherry gelato and created circle shapes on the black space. Then I smudged them with my finger. I liked how soft this turned out as I wanted something to create texture and visual interest in the background without taking away from the girl!!

Thank you so much for checking this project out! I hope you enjoyed!

Bloom Girl
Water-colour paper (#980269)
‘Free Spirit’ cling stamp (#980184)

water-color pencils (1792240)

Gelatos- Red Cherry (A14101C)

Convenient photo printing!!!

Ok… So I can’t be the only one who takes a million photos, edits the bejesus out of them on Instagram but then that’s as far as they get! I see them on there, wish I could use them on projects, but it’s tough to have an Instagram photo printed properly! They either become zoomed in and cropped or stretched out! But as of recently I have found this amazing app (social print studio) that you can load you Instagram pics to and have them printed in mini squares, regular squares and even into multiple different formats such as magnets or photo books. I just ordered an extremly large amount of ridiculous fun square photos:) I cannot wait to get these little babies in the mail and start adding them to my projects:)


I am leaving Anaheim and Art Venture and CHA but I am gaining some new amazing friends.
So I got to finally meet the other Bloom Girl DT members and was over the moon at how at ease I felt:) these ladies made me feel like I have known them forever. Conversations were easy and full of personal feelings, life tips and loads of laughter:)

I was left with a TON of selfies and some of the biggest, bestest (I know it’s not a real word but it should be!) hugs I could have asked me.

I am sitting here after all of the past two days reminiscing and realizing my love and passion for creating. I love to create, I love to laugh and I love to be around positive happy people. I want to immerse myself into the crafting world a lot more in 2015… My goal is to blog more, to create more, to try new things and to share my creative process more often:)
Theses ladies are going to be my new love bugs!!!





I love these girls… And how they make me feel… Thank you ladies, more then you can even understand:)

My first CHA experience

I am feeling so overwhelmed with happiness and creativity. CHA has opened my eyes to new ideas and possibilities. CHA has also made me realize how in love I am with the crafting world and how much I want to be a part of it as much as possible…

So I got to wander around and absorbs and just be. I made some make and takes, I took a bunch of pics for inspiration and made note of new items I NEED to get from new collections:) here are a few pics of things that inspired me and make me feel happy!








I am so ready to get back into my space and create new projects for classes and design team items:) im super excited for 2015 and what it holds for my and my creative side:) I hope to inspire everyone as much am I have been inspired:)

Prima Art Venture 2015

Holy cow…. 2015 for real? So it’s 2015 and as mentioned in my previous post this year is a year about happiness and growth. A year of finding a happy and healthy mindset. So with that said what better way to start it all then to spend 2 days packed with crafty goodies, fabulous people and awesome classes. I attended Art Venture in 2014 and was so looking forward to the 2015 event 🙂

I came into this event with a clean, clear, open mind. And this left me with the opportunity to be inspired. I met some amazing ladies, made some fab projects and became inspired to go home and create… I am inspired to become more active in designing classes…. Inspired to create bigger, better projects for my design teams in the terms to follow!!! I am inspired to apply for new design teams in this new year, and know that wether or not I am accepted I know I am bringing my best:) this year will be my year!!
These are the six instructors with peeks at the projects taught for my packed two days!!







I enjoy having a template and a guide to follow but am able to tweak and change things to my taste and style:) these are a few peeks at my projects…






I was so blessed to get to experience this with one of the greatest people I am lucky to have in my life. Ms Rina and I got to experience this together and get a ton of laughs in there!! It’s way better to get to come to events like this with a partner in crime and to have someone just as excited as you about paper:)


To top off this little bit of awesome I get to join Jamie Dougherty at CHA and help her out wherever/whenever I can! Today we did a ton of set and organizing! This sweet woman allowed me and trusted me to aid in setting up her fab portion of the Prima booth:) here are a few snippets into my day today with Jamie:)