Prima Art Venture 2015

Holy cow…. 2015 for real? So it’s 2015 and as mentioned in my previous post this year is a year about happiness and growth. A year of finding a happy and healthy mindset. So with that said what better way to start it all then to spend 2 days packed with crafty goodies, fabulous people and awesome classes. I attended Art Venture in 2014 and was so looking forward to the 2015 event šŸ™‚

I came into this event with a clean, clear, open mind. And this left me with the opportunity to be inspired. I met some amazing ladies, made some fab projects and became inspired to go home and create… I am inspired to become more active in designing classes…. Inspired to create bigger, better projects for my design teams in the terms to follow!!! I am inspired to apply for new design teams in this new year, and know that wether or not I am accepted I know I am bringing my best:) this year will be my year!!
These are the six instructors with peeks at the projects taught for my packed two days!!







I enjoy having a template and a guide to follow but am able to tweak and change things to my taste and style:) these are a few peeks at my projects…






I was so blessed to get to experience this with one of the greatest people I am lucky to have in my life. Ms Rina and I got to experience this together and get a ton of laughs in there!! It’s way better to get to come to events like this with a partner in crime and to have someone just as excited as you about paper:)


To top off this little bit of awesome I get to join Jamie Dougherty at CHA and help her out wherever/whenever I can! Today we did a ton of set and organizing! This sweet woman allowed me and trusted me to aid in setting up her fab portion of the Prima booth:) here are a few snippets into my day today with Jamie:)







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