I am leaving Anaheim and Art Venture and CHA but I am gaining some new amazing friends.
So I got to finally meet the other Bloom Girl DT members and was over the moon at how at ease I felt:) these ladies made me feel like I have known them forever. Conversations were easy and full of personal feelings, life tips and loads of laughter:)

I was left with a TON of selfies and some of the biggest, bestest (I know it’s not a real word but it should be!) hugs I could have asked me.

I am sitting here after all of the past two days reminiscing and realizing my love and passion for creating. I love to create, I love to laugh and I love to be around positive happy people. I want to immerse myself into the crafting world a lot more in 2015… My goal is to blog more, to create more, to try new things and to share my creative process more often:)
Theses ladies are going to be my new love bugs!!!





I love these girls… And how they make me feel… Thank you ladies, more then you can even understand:)


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