A little free spirited

I wanted to show how easy and simple using the Bloom Girl products can be! Sometimes we get caught up in making an intricate, layers project that we forget that simple can be so beautiful. So today I created a piece that can either be used on a larger more intricate project or stand alone in its simple beauty.


Creating her was fun, quick and needed only a few supplies (listed below). So to start I stamped the Free-spirit stamp along the edge of water color paper. I used the smooth side! That’s what I love about this paper is that there is a textured side and a smooth side, so depending on your project it’s the perfect paper! Also, make sure to use a permanent ink when stamping her, because we will be using watercolor pencils we want to make sure the lines won’t smudge as we color her in. Then using a black market I coloured in all the negative space that she wasn’t. Then the fun begins! Using Prismacolor watercolor pencils I colorer her in. With watercolor pencils I like to create a soft line around the edges of the are im working on, then using a small, flat, damp brush (not dripping wet. And a water pen would work as welL) drag/blend the color out, towards the center. You can always add more color but it’s tricky to lift color up and off! Once this is complete and dry I took out a red cherry gelato and created circle shapes on the black space. Then I smudged them with my finger. I liked how soft this turned out as I wanted something to create texture and visual interest in the background without taking away from the girl!!

Thank you so much for checking this project out! I hope you enjoyed!

Bloom Girl
Water-colour paper (#980269)
‘Free Spirit’ cling stamp (#980184)

water-color pencils (1792240)

Gelatos- Red Cherry (A14101C)


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