What are you thankful for…

2015 will be my year of being thankful and staying positive. No matter what comes my way I am fortunate enough to have a ridiculously good group of people to have my back. So this year, with im sure a few set backs and obstacles, I will look for the silver lining, the positive. Every situation has one right?
So this year (and from now on) I will become stronger mentally and physically because of the people I surround myself with and the people I choose to have an impact on my life. There will always be people in my life that I can’t eliminate, but I can choose how they effect me and how much I let them change my feelings and emotions…. This is my goal.

So to start off with a clean slate and a positive mind I start off by sharing what I am lucky enough to have in my life.

-amazing family. They will always be there for my unconditionally… It doesn’t matter the time of day if I phone they will always be there. And no matter my decisions they back me and encourage me.
-a handsome fiancé. He will always push me to be my best. Always allows me to make my own decisions and will back me no matter the outcome. He will love me till the end of time and I have no question of this.
-with an amazing fiancé comes a second family. I am lucky to have a group of people who started off as complete strangers who all but adopted me into their family:)
-and last but absolutely not last a ridiculous support system known as my friends. There may only be a handful of them but again I would rather a small amount of amazing, feel good friends then a mass amount of so-so friends who are there due to convenience…

This is where my focus will be for 2015… Where will yours be??


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