For the love of all things metallic!!

ok so new obsession has been found! So I have played with INDIGOBLU mega flake kits lately and have been completly and totally in love! I have discovered that Metallics melt my heart!! I get my kits from LIMOR WEBBER designs online store!! 

Here are a few peeks of past projects/elements I have made using this amazing kits!!! 



It’s so easy to use as well! 

1)You have this foam pad that you apply the glu to (provided on kit) then press your stamp onto the pad. 

2)Gently press stamp into place (don’t press to hard or it will smudge!) then lift away. 

(TIP:quickly clean your hands to remove glue residue from your finger! This will prevent waste of your flakes!! I keep a baby wipe on hand for this!) 

3)Sprinkle mega flakes over glued image with clean, dry hands. 

4)Press flakes into image to ensure full coverage then run over the surface with your palm. 

5)3Once entire glue surface is covered take your abrasive square (also included in kit) and run over surface, this will remove any extra flakes and define your stamped image! 


 you have an amazing metallic image!!!

Enjoy your new addiction!!!!



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