My Boy:)

Hey my lovelies, Sherry here with another fab, fun way to use the ever amazing Bloom Girl (Boy) stamps! Today I am turning Quentin into a metallic element in my layout background. Sometimes we feel the stamps need to be in the forefront of everything we use them in, but they in fact add an amazing layer into backgrounds as well.

First off here’s a look at the full project we will be creating today! For a full list of supplies head on over to the Bloom Girl blog. You will also find a ton of beautiful inspiration, amazing projects and some gosh darn fab ladies!!

Now, pull out all your goodies and create along with me!!

Knowing i wanted a pretty neutral colour scheme for the base of this project i selected pattern paper accordingly and started with my first two layers. First I applied Prima fluid chalk ink through the Ricket stencil (MY FAV) to the are my photos will be places and a little in the opposite corner to create balance. Then using a kit that turns stamped images into metallics I stamped Quentin so that he would peek out from behind my photos. (Remember I don’t want him in the forefront, he is in the background of this layout!)

 And a few close ups so you can see the yummy metallicy, goodness!

I laid my photos where I would want them to be and traced lightly around them to mark where my photos would end up. Using the ‘sweet tea’ stencil i sprayed Bloom spray through the large open section of the stencil. (make sure to cover up the intricate side to avoid spray going through it) allow to dry. Then using molding paste apply it though the intricate side onto the sprayed silhouette. Allow to dry.

I wrapped cream colored piece of string around my hand making messy circles. I adhered these so they would peek out from behind my photos.

I took a gear mask and applied molding paste around Quentin like a halo, and a little bit in the bottom right corner just for a bit of fun! (the bottm right corner will also be the home for the title!) Once the paste if dry i lightly rubbed brown ink over the image to make it not so stark against the background.

Now the fun part!!! I took bit and pieces that were hanging out on my desk and used them as backgrounds for my photos! Keeping in mind where my photos will be I arranged all of goodies (mechanicals, Bloom Girl metal flowers and paper flowers) to peek out and enhance my layout.(HINT: I laid all these out before adhering them so I knew they would suit what I wanted and fill in the spaces I needed.) Once these are set and dry I used micro beads in small random spaces around the photos and dragged out from the top and bottom! Once all is dry and set, I dry brushed white gesso over the embellishments. Allow to dry.

Not lets add some color!!! With a fluffy brush I sprinkled my first of three Magical color in the desired areas and spray with water to active, and allow to dry. Then redo this same thing with the next two colors. once they are all dry i reapplied the colors until they reached the desired color that i loved!!

And a few close ups of this deliciousness!

Thank you so much for popping in and checking out my tutorial! For more inspiration, tutorials and projects please feel free to check out my facebook and instagram.



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