Simple Sentiments

“Simple Sentiments”

Hey ladies and gents, I am bringing you another fab tutorial using the ever amazing Limor Webber Designs products! Sometimes life gets crazy and events sneak up on us, or does this only happen to me?!?! I love to give handmade cards, for some reason it give me a little bit of pride when they open it and smile! The effort put in is worth that smile but, little do they know that I had to whip it together in 10-15minute before I left, because time got away from me and we had to leave for the party and I still had no card!!!


Today I want to show how something simple can be beautiful and stunning! The thing I love about magicals is how diverse they are and how everytime you use them you can achieve different looks and color tones! The thing with magicals is that they can be used in many different techniques; today I will my spraying watercolor paper and then tapping them onto the wet paper. What this does is that it makes the colors come out and activate! When the magical isn’t completely mixed with water it created a unique multi color effect. The great thing about Lindy’s products is they have many undertones in every color, the reason this is great in the magicals is that when applied to water (but not fully mixed) it creates an amazing ‘tie dye’ type of effect!! STUNNING!!!! Before we get started I challenge you to pull out you magicals (or go pick some up;)) and play along, this card it completely adaptable and can be done in any color scheme that suits your fancy.


I cut a 12”x12” sheet of watercolor paper to 12”x6” and scored along the middle to create a 6”x6” card. Lay flat and spray the two side edges with water, using my first magical color (T-bird Turquoise) and a small, fluffy brush I sprinkle the powder onto the wet edges. (tip: if some powder sits in a small cluster you can spray on top of it to move it around a but more. Try to avoid adding to much water to maintain the multi-colored effect.) Allow this to dry completely. (tip: to avoid wasting product, I didn’t do the entire center of the card, asi knew that it would be covered by my next pieces, so there’s no point adding color there for it to be covered!) Set aside as this wont be used now till the very end!!


On the piece of watercolor paper that’s left over from step 1 I sprayed a section with water and sprinkle my second color (summer lovin sun) over the entire surface, allow this to dry. I picked an area that I really liked the color tones and cut a 4.5”x6” section.


Next up is my fav new tool kit, the FlitterGlu/MegaFlakes byt Indigo Blu! This little baby will turn stamp into a metallic image! So naturally I thought of the ‘Industrial Lamp’ stamp set by Limor Webber Designs to make yummy metallic images on my card front! Before doing any stamping I decided I would do multiple layers of lamps using a different colored MegaFlake every layer. So for each layer I arranged the stamps, image side down, on the 4.5”x6” piece I made in the previous step. When they are place where you want them I place my acrylic block on them, pressing to make sure they would be picked up when I lifted the block.  Following the instruction in the kit (each kit will have everything you need to do this process and can be picked up at the Limor Webber shop) I made the first layer. (using Autumn Blaze) Following all these steps again I did the second layer. (using Chariot of Fire) And repeat one more time for a third layer. (using Yorkshire Dales)


To add a bit of back for my sentiment I used Limor Webber Designs ‘Ink Splatters’  stamp set and a black ink pad. I made these images along the bottom of the card.


To finish this little gem off I used LW embossing powder (Bonjour Butter from Tres Chic collection) and small letter stamps to create my sentiment in the bottom right corner . Using pop-dots I adhered this to the main base card that you made in the first set. I centered it so that you see the colors on the top and bottom from the background card.


Thank you so much for following along today! Hopefully you’re inspired to play and bit with what you currently have or to purchase a few new goodies to try out!! Head over to the Limor Webber shop for some amazing supplies and to Limor Webber Designs blog for more stunning, inspirational projects from the rest of the talented design team.




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