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Busy Being Happy

I have recently decided i enjoy color:) LOL!! i used to always veer toward neutrals and soft colors when i was designing projects and embellishments, but lately I have been so into color! So here is my next layout using fun bold reds!

I am featuring a layout on the Bloom Girls blog today, that is where you will find a full tutorial and supply list! also make sure to pop over to my facebook and instagram for more sneak peeks of whats coming up and more tutorials on fun projects and new products!

Here is a look at the full layout:)


And a few close ups to see the awesome details and dimensions!






Thank you so much for popping in and checking out my sneak peek into my tutorial! make sure to head over to the Bloom Girls blog for the full tutorial and other inspiring projects by myself and the rest of the talented DT!!



Having a bloomin good time with ‘Lacie’

you know when you have your FAVORITE things, crafty or not, that are your go-to’s. You will always ready for them first out of habit or favorism!!! I do that with my supplies, I pick favorited and tend to always go for them and neglect the rest no matter how amazing they are! Unfortunately Lacie fell into that neglected pile…. So as I rumaged through my goodies when I started planning this project I pulled Lacie out and decided she needed to get inky!!

So before I start I challenge you to dig through and past your favs and use some long, lost fabulously forgotten about items!!! Do it!!!! You could find a new favorite!!

Today I am doing a drippy, layery, textured piece using Lacie! She is fun and fierce and tattooed!!!! Woohoo edgy girl:) I will show you a few sneak peek of what you will find when you head over to Jamie Dougherty’s blog for the full tutorial!!

BGMarchCloseUp1 BGMarchCloseup2 GBMarchCloseUp3


Thank you for visiting this month and make sure to stick around and browse! become inspired, and create:) Also make sure to keep your eyes open on ARPIL 7 on the Bloom Girl blog for a few opportunities to win a gift package!!

Let’s swap beauties:)

So I took part in a project swap at the end of 2014, and was/am extremly excited to have taken part in it. What happened was I was given another woman’s name and she was given mine, we then made a project for each other…. We sent each other a picture and the rest was up to us… I received on photo then asked for two more and my mind went wild with all sorts of exciting ideas!!!

Since my beautiful new friend FINALLY received her project I can share!! I am in love how this baby turned out:)







And the full finished product!!!! 


And a few close ups…





And let me tell you what makes me feel good!! When the person I make a project for loves it:) 

‘Clockwork Princess’- Emily

Hello my creative friends:) This morning I want to share with you my first project of my 2015 Bloom Girl Season using the stunning ‘Emily’ in all of her gears and glory! I must tell you how much I adore gears and anything mechanical, when Jamie released Emily and Quentin, my heart skipped a beat. I knew my first project had to be filled with metallics and gears! 

Check out the Bloom Girl blog for the how to and to check out some more amazingly beautiful inspiration! But for now here are a few snippets:)

 Full view 


 Close ups



Supplies used: Prima Bloom Girl-Emily (#980306)
Prima primary paper- white (#845797)
Prima 6.5″x10.5″ bubbles stencil (#961299)
Prima art basics light paste (#961404)
Prima art basics heavy gesso -white (#961442)
Blue Fern Studios- large Roman clocks and gears
Indigo Blu Mega Flakes kit

Thank you so much for checking out my project and I hope you enjoyed! 

 xoxo Sherry

Quentin, so handsome:)

When Jamie Dougherty asked me to be a part of the Bloom Girls DT for the 2015 team I was beyond excited!! Then we got sneak peeks of the January release of stamps and stencils and I could barely wait!! Quentin was by absolute favourite… Not only is he the first Bloom Boy, but he is all full of gears and gadgets and that is a man after my heart! So I had to play and enjoyed every second of creating this steam punk projects!! Check out some other beautiful inspiration from my fab DT friends up on the Prima blog today!!




-Paper-primary textured paper pack, black (#845797)
-fluid chalk ink- dark bark and black coal
-Memory Hardware, Pearls(#990381),
-Memory Hardware, Louviers antique chains (#990305)
-Memory Hardware, La Vie antique cloches (#990312)
-Sunrise/Sunset Collection, mechanicals (#960353)
-Bella Rouge, brads (#579296)

Bloom Girl
-cling stamp, Quentin (#980337)
-stencil, Phrases (#980436)
-Metal Floral embellishments(#980221)

Light Up Your Life!!

This is my second big blog post from the fab Bloom Girls blog! Make sure to pop over for more info and pictures of the full project!!



For this project the only thing I purchased was the lampshade! leftovers from other projects or scraps of paper from my scraps bin were all that were used to create this new shade! It’s crazy to me how something can be altered and changed so much with a few pieces of paper and some fun flowers. And of coarse the beautiful ‘Summer’ as the focal point!

Again pop on over to the blog to check out more info/details for this beauty!

Blooming Through The Season

I signed up for this amazing online workshop months ago and have watched a few videos but hadn’t done any of the projects. Well a few days ago I started this little lady and fell in love with her more and more as I added more layers.



I felt such happiness as I picked colors and created this page. I realized why I take online courses and the importance of them. Sometimes we get busy with the everyday, with deadlines, schedules and routine. We forget to expand and to learn and to advance…. But in taking this first project and immersing myself in it I realized how far I have come BECAUSE of classes and courses. So please
Look into this course, or any course for that matter… Expand, find what makes you grow and what makes you heart smile….


Woohoo!!! I have been waiting for this month to come!!! Let me share a little back story! I have been a crafter for over 10 years but have really fallen into my niche over the last 5 ish years! I have really discovered my ‘style’. I have applied for a few teams and have not been fortunate enough till the Bloom Girls Team came along! I believe that everything happens for a reason!! That I was passed up on so that I could find my calling and figure out more about myself as an artist and to learn and fine tune myself. (Don’t get me wrong I have ALOT to learn, always learning!)

When I got the email from JAMIE DOUGHERTY asking if I would accept the Guest Design Team position I was in the grocery store…. I won’t lie, I let out a little excited hurray and did a little dance in the middle of the aisle! Then the process started and the guest designers all picked a month to be theirs!! And we all wait patiently for our month to come. And what do you know.. It’s my turn!!! So here’s a little peek at the projects, there will be more views on the blog!!!



Prepared to be inspired

I have raved over this stacked team so prepare to be inspired by their blogs!!
Check them all out and love and share their work!!

Zoey Emanuela Scarpelli

Louise Nelson

Courteney McMillan-Gibson

Lisa Novogrodski

HeeSun Kim

Mindy Baxter

Jennifer Priest

Wendy Morris

Anita Rodway

Lisa Adametz

Jeannie Richie De Gruccio

Stephanie Beauchemin

And as soon as I have blog or site for Samara Lopez Gugler I will post her as well!!

Start your Bloom journey now!!

I know what you’re thinking… I love all the pretty things I see being made with The Bloom collection but ______________(insert silly reason not to try here).

I think we have all had insecurities about our abilities before… Im not good enough, it’s not my style, I don’t know how to do that, I don’t know how to draw, I can’t get out of the house to take a class….The list goes on!!!! BUT lucky for all of you who want to try, and love, being a Bloom Girl/Guy here is your chance!!!! Jamie Dougherty has made it an easy follow along way to learn how to do different techniques and different girls ONLINE!! And you can do this in yours PJ’s.

So here’s the link that will blow away all your inner fears and empower you as an art person!!!

This is one of the classes the I signed up for for the year and am pretty excited to be taking it!!! So go check out what Jamie Dougherty Designs has to offer!!