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Hey all my crafty friends, today i’m here with a splatter filled layout that I had a lot of fun making!

Sometimes we forget that many of our supplies have multiple uses and can be out to work on more projects! I also HATE cleaning up my workspace so i tend to get creative and use what’s already out!!  So pull out a few sprays and grab whatever embellies you have in your reach and create with me!! (for full supply list check out the Limor Webber Designs DT blog)

 Step ONE

I selected a soft neutral background, this is important so that my color sprays will stand out. Then I pulled out my variety of sprays and unscrewed all of the tops. I lightly spritzed the page with water to damped the page. (hint:this is important, if you dont pre-moisten the page the spray will instantly soak onto the fibres of the paper and not work as well for this technique)

Then, I dipped the ‘straw’ of one of the tops into its spray bottle and tapped the liquid onto the sections on the page where I wanted. ( I have already determined where my focal point would be)

I continued this between all of the colors will i felt there was enough on the page, then I picked up water with a dropper. And tapping the end of the dropper I created a bit of water splatters over the already placed, not yet dry, color splatters. Allow this to dry.

Step TWO

Next up are the AMAZING and NEW large industrial stamp set. Once I knew where my photo would be I ‘hung’ lamps and chains so the would peek out and show around the edges of the photo area. i did some in black ink and some in IndigoBlu Mega Flake metallics kit. (This starter kit is one of the most amazing little gems in my stash right now… if you don’t have one or haven’t heard of it you NEED to check it out! You’re welcome!)


Since I know where the location of my photo and embellishments are going to be situated, I spread glass beads along a few of the edges and on some of the corners. Once it was dry I used my finger to press clear gesso onto the clear beads. This will create a great base for my Magicals to stick to. Allow gesso to dry.

I pulled out a couple magicals that match (or closely match) the splatter colors and sprinkled them one at a time onto the clear beads and sprayed them with water. I kept layering these colors till they were just right!

Then with a bit of liquid glue I adhered some bundles of thread!


I splattered a few tags with the same colors as the background and along with a few other embellies I had kicking around on my workspace I created a layered stack of deliciousness! I like to use pop dots when I create these layers and they will make things more dimensional and stand out.

Using the same Mega Flakes metallic kit I applied the word ‘Freedom’ to the bottom left corner.


I found that the word I put in the corner of the layout didn’t stand out well enough so I use sticker letters and repeated the same word, overlapping the slightly.

Pop the layout into a frame and Ta-Da, it’s ready to be displayed!!

Now for a few close ups to check out the details a bit better!

 Thank you so much for stopping in and I hope you enjoyed my slice of heaven.  Creating should make you feel happy, it should make you feel like you’re leaving a little piece of you on the project. It doesn’t matter how you create or what you create, what’s important is that you create.

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As Long As We Are Together

Today I bring you layout using a variety of products and little pieces from my stash! for a full tutorial and supply list head on over to the Limor Webber DT Inspiration blog!

Jamie (my fiancé) and I started doing Startan obstacle races a couple years ago. We always start together and meet at the end as we are very different racers! There was one race that he wasn’t able to make so I raced alone and it was the worst feeling knowing I was out there completely alone! I know that we don’t run together but I get an odd sense of support and reassurance knowing he’s out there somewhere to going through what I am. It also an imexplainable feeing knowing he will be at the end to hug me! So ever since that one race I raced alone, we have never without each other again!

So now that I have babbled on and you have heard the back story here is the project that was inspired by this!!

And a few close ups


Thank you so much for checking out my layout brought to you using the AMAZING Limor Webber Designs products! Everything was picked up from Limor Webber Design’s online store. Pop in to check out what goodies are being released everyday!! for more inspiration, projects and product reviews check out my Facebook and Instagram.

Prima Marketing DT entries :)

Ladies and gents, I have decided to throw my hat in the ring and vie for a spot on the Prima Marketing DT!!!!!! 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 I am excited for the opportunity and am glad for the push this chance gave me to discover a few things about me and my style! Sometimes when you don’t know who you are as a creator of pretties, you just creator out of necessity as opposed to want or desire. I am happy to say I have found my niche and feel pretty good about it! I challenge you to really think of what you enjoy, what do you like to create. find out who you are, and do it on purpose. So either way that this journey goes, here are a few projects I made using primarily, if not totally, using Prima products! Enjoy:)

Here are three projects I made just for this DT call:)


DSC_0447_2  DSC_0449_2 DSC_0450_2 DSC_0451_2


DSC_0448_2Project #2



Project #3



Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my new babies:) These were a labour of love and a series of layouts I made in the process of getting ready for this DT:)
ALSO!!! stay tuned for full project write ups, including full supply list, in the weeks to follow!!




Having a bloomin good time with ‘Lacie’

you know when you have your FAVORITE things, crafty or not, that are your go-to’s. You will always ready for them first out of habit or favorism!!! I do that with my supplies, I pick favorited and tend to always go for them and neglect the rest no matter how amazing they are! Unfortunately Lacie fell into that neglected pile…. So as I rumaged through my goodies when I started planning this project I pulled Lacie out and decided she needed to get inky!!

So before I start I challenge you to dig through and past your favs and use some long, lost fabulously forgotten about items!!! Do it!!!! You could find a new favorite!!

Today I am doing a drippy, layery, textured piece using Lacie! She is fun and fierce and tattooed!!!! Woohoo edgy girl:) I will show you a few sneak peek of what you will find when you head over to Jamie Dougherty’s blog for the full tutorial!!

BGMarchCloseUp1 BGMarchCloseup2 GBMarchCloseUp3


Thank you for visiting this month and make sure to stick around and browse! become inspired, and create:) Also make sure to keep your eyes open on ARPIL 7 on the Bloom Girl blog for a few opportunities to win a gift package!!

Time for round 2!

Omg I’m still pinching myself! I have been given the amazing opportunity to be a part of a Bloom Girl dream team… for a second season!!!!! Whhhaaaaaaat?!  photo Bloom_zps4c9b875d.gif
With that said, I am proud to announce I am once again a designer on the Bloom Girls Design Team. The talented Jamie Doughert has wrangled a star studded cast of crafters to showcase her amazing Bloom Girls (and Guys). So without further a due, lets get this party started with an Instagram hop! All you have to do is start the hop on Jamie Dougherty’s instagram and follow along:) The contest is open until Feb 4th 12am PT. One winner will be chosen and will receive the goodies shown, along with a $30 gift card to amazon.com. (must follow, like, and share to win)

Stay tuned for my next post with links to all the ridiculously talented team that’s I’m lucky to design alongside.


I am leaving Anaheim and Art Venture and CHA but I am gaining some new amazing friends.
So I got to finally meet the other Bloom Girl DT members and was over the moon at how at ease I felt:) these ladies made me feel like I have known them forever. Conversations were easy and full of personal feelings, life tips and loads of laughter:)

I was left with a TON of selfies and some of the biggest, bestest (I know it’s not a real word but it should be!) hugs I could have asked me.

I am sitting here after all of the past two days reminiscing and realizing my love and passion for creating. I love to create, I love to laugh and I love to be around positive happy people. I want to immerse myself into the crafting world a lot more in 2015… My goal is to blog more, to create more, to try new things and to share my creative process more often:)
Theses ladies are going to be my new love bugs!!!





I love these girls… And how they make me feel… Thank you ladies, more then you can even understand:)

It’s Challenge Time

Hello my pretties!!! It’s the time again for another beautiful challenge palette! This month has a spooky little twist to the regular inspirations! So you can either give it a Halloween inspired twist or just pick your fav colors from the palette and creat away!! I won’t lie this is the second month in a row I have been challenged to use colors I would t mormally use but that the point, isn’t it? To be pushed outside your box and possibly find new color combos you unknowingly love!!! Since I’m a fan of using what you have a had a mini scavenger hunt of my already existing stash, pulled out a few goodies and created away! I used an old cigar box as the base and a few embellished embellishments and BOOM, project complete, I wish it were that quick! But with lots or layers and a few waiting times for things to dry this project was fun to make! Here is my take on this one, enjoy!!


And a few close ups of my fav details!!




And a wee peek at the front of the box!!


And wait not longer… Here is the challenge palette!! And please feel free to pop over to the Bloom Girls blog to be inspired by other design team creations!!


Products used
-Bloom Girl Collection- Jing stamp
-Prima Marketing- 3D gloss gel medium, black gesso, assorted flowers, assorted mechanicals
-Tim Holtz- distressed ink (assorted Browns) and distressing tool, knob pull
-multiple silhouette cut outs, glass tube
-assorted paper from my leftovers stash!
-melted wax for a few drips

What is happening…?

So I have applied to a few design teams in the past years and have never been fortunate enough to make the list. Before anyone is worried I am having a pity party, know that I honestly believe everything happens for a reason!! So in saying that I know that I didn’t make those DT’s because I had growing to do and because I wasn’t in the right place in life to be prepared for it!

How lucky can a girl be?!

But this year has been my biggest growth and most accomplished in every aspect of life. I have found my niche in the creating world. As eclectic as I am I have found my style and that made me stronger and more confident. I feel that because of this I have been blessed with being accepted to not one but TWO design teams as a guest designer.


Yes that’s right I said TWO!! I am a guest designer for Bloom Girls which I announced mid July, and now I am pleased to announce my guest designer spot on the Limor Webber Designs design team!! It was released today so I can finally yell it from the roof tops!! Lol. Make sure to check out the Limor Webber Designs blog to see this amazingly talented line up!!

This is yet another loaded team with ridiculous talent from all over the world! Stay tuned for links to everyone’s blogs, sites and peeks at their work!

I can’t wait to be on this journey and to share it with you every step of the way.


Prepared to be inspired

I have raved over this stacked team so prepare to be inspired by their blogs!!
Check them all out and love and share their work!!

Zoey Emanuela Scarpelli

Louise Nelson

Courteney McMillan-Gibson

Lisa Novogrodski

HeeSun Kim

Mindy Baxter

Jennifer Priest

Wendy Morris

Anita Rodway

Lisa Adametz

Jeannie Richie De Gruccio

Stephanie Beauchemin

And as soon as I have blog or site for Samara Lopez Gugler I will post her as well!!


So today IT was released!! The Bloom Girl design team!!! And I was extremely fortunate to be asked to be a guest designer on this stacked team!! The talent has already blown me away and inspires me!!

This is Jamie Dougherty’s fb page where all the awesome will unfold!!

This is a wee peek at one of my fav Bloom Girl designs!!