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Hey all my crafty friends, today i’m here with a splatter filled layout that I had a lot of fun making!

Sometimes we forget that many of our supplies have multiple uses and can be out to work on more projects! I also HATE cleaning up my workspace so i tend to get creative and use what’s already out!!  So pull out a few sprays and grab whatever embellies you have in your reach and create with me!! (for full supply list check out the Limor Webber Designs DT blog)

 Step ONE

I selected a soft neutral background, this is important so that my color sprays will stand out. Then I pulled out my variety of sprays and unscrewed all of the tops. I lightly spritzed the page with water to damped the page. (hint:this is important, if you dont pre-moisten the page the spray will instantly soak onto the fibres of the paper and not work as well for this technique)

Then, I dipped the ‘straw’ of one of the tops into its spray bottle and tapped the liquid onto the sections on the page where I wanted. ( I have already determined where my focal point would be)

I continued this between all of the colors will i felt there was enough on the page, then I picked up water with a dropper. And tapping the end of the dropper I created a bit of water splatters over the already placed, not yet dry, color splatters. Allow this to dry.

Step TWO

Next up are the AMAZING and NEW large industrial stamp set. Once I knew where my photo would be I ‘hung’ lamps and chains so the would peek out and show around the edges of the photo area. i did some in black ink and some in IndigoBlu Mega Flake metallics kit. (This starter kit is one of the most amazing little gems in my stash right now… if you don’t have one or haven’t heard of it you NEED to check it out! You’re welcome!)


Since I know where the location of my photo and embellishments are going to be situated, I spread glass beads along a few of the edges and on some of the corners. Once it was dry I used my finger to press clear gesso onto the clear beads. This will create a great base for my Magicals to stick to. Allow gesso to dry.

I pulled out a couple magicals that match (or closely match) the splatter colors and sprinkled them one at a time onto the clear beads and sprayed them with water. I kept layering these colors till they were just right!

Then with a bit of liquid glue I adhered some bundles of thread!


I splattered a few tags with the same colors as the background and along with a few other embellies I had kicking around on my workspace I created a layered stack of deliciousness! I like to use pop dots when I create these layers and they will make things more dimensional and stand out.

Using the same Mega Flakes metallic kit I applied the word ‘Freedom’ to the bottom left corner.


I found that the word I put in the corner of the layout didn’t stand out well enough so I use sticker letters and repeated the same word, overlapping the slightly.

Pop the layout into a frame and Ta-Da, it’s ready to be displayed!!

Now for a few close ups to check out the details a bit better!

 Thank you so much for stopping in and I hope you enjoyed my slice of heaven.  Creating should make you feel happy, it should make you feel like you’re leaving a little piece of you on the project. It doesn’t matter how you create or what you create, what’s important is that you create.

Take a few minutes to check out my Instagram and Facebook for more sneak peeks and upcoming tutorials!!

And don’t forget to shop, I promise it’s ok!!!


I’m A Dreamer

LW DT photo

Today i am bringing you a little taste of the tutorial that is up today on the Limor Webber DT blog.

I created this layout with an open mind and open heart. I wanted to create a tone of simple yet effective layers! sometimes we add layer and layers and layers but don’t think how effective they will be all together… What happens to be is i dream of layouts… I dream of the layers… i dream of the process. And I’m not always sleeping when it happens! I’m an avid daydreamer! I stare off into space from time to time and what i am doing 99% of the time is dreaming up new ideas and new pretty things! some people keep dream journals and diaries, I keep idea book and an application on my phone to document all the ideas that flow through my head faster then I can write!

Anyways, rambling is now over! here is a look at the full layout!









And a few close ups.


For the full tutorial and supply list head on over the the Limor Webber DT blog (you can also peruse the DT blog for more amazing inspirational tutorials by my DT member friends!! and also pop into the shop and pick up some amazing supplies! For my fellow Canadians she is local!!! For those international she will ship anywhere!!


Busy Being Happy

I have recently decided i enjoy color:) LOL!! i used to always veer toward neutrals and soft colors when i was designing projects and embellishments, but lately I have been so into color! So here is my next layout using fun bold reds!

I am featuring a layout on the Bloom Girls blog today, that is where you will find a full tutorial and supply list! also make sure to pop over to my facebook and instagram for more sneak peeks of whats coming up and more tutorials on fun projects and new products!

Here is a look at the full layout:)


And a few close ups to see the awesome details and dimensions!






Thank you so much for popping in and checking out my sneak peek into my tutorial! make sure to head over to the Bloom Girls blog for the full tutorial and other inspiring projects by myself and the rest of the talented DT!!


For the love of all things metallic!!

ok so new obsession has been found! So I have played with INDIGOBLU mega flake kits lately and have been completly and totally in love! I have discovered that Metallics melt my heart!! I get my kits from LIMOR WEBBER designs online store!! 

Here are a few peeks of past projects/elements I have made using this amazing kits!!! 



It’s so easy to use as well! 

1)You have this foam pad that you apply the glu to (provided on kit) then press your stamp onto the pad. 

2)Gently press stamp into place (don’t press to hard or it will smudge!) then lift away. 

(TIP:quickly clean your hands to remove glue residue from your finger! This will prevent waste of your flakes!! I keep a baby wipe on hand for this!) 

3)Sprinkle mega flakes over glued image with clean, dry hands. 

4)Press flakes into image to ensure full coverage then run over the surface with your palm. 

5)3Once entire glue surface is covered take your abrasive square (also included in kit) and run over surface, this will remove any extra flakes and define your stamped image! 


 you have an amazing metallic image!!!

Enjoy your new addiction!!!!


‘Find Balance’-March GDT project for Limor Webber Designs

Hey everyone! I am beyond excited to bring you my first post as a Guest Designer for Limor Webber Designs! Today I am making a layered, texture filled layout using some of the brand new stamps Limor designed with IndigoBlu! Here’s a few peeks at what you’ll see when you head over to the blog for a step-by-step on my beautifully layered layout, as well as the full supply list!!


IMG_0804  Most of my supplies are from Limor Webber Design’s online store, so when you’re done checking out all the beautiful projects, make sure to browse the store for some much deserved goodies! Your husband called and he said it was ok;)


Let’s swap beauties:)

So I took part in a project swap at the end of 2014, and was/am extremly excited to have taken part in it. What happened was I was given another woman’s name and she was given mine, we then made a project for each other…. We sent each other a picture and the rest was up to us… I received on photo then asked for two more and my mind went wild with all sorts of exciting ideas!!!

Since my beautiful new friend FINALLY received her project I can share!! I am in love how this baby turned out:)







And the full finished product!!!! 


And a few close ups…





And let me tell you what makes me feel good!! When the person I make a project for loves it:) 

‘Clockwork Princess’- Emily

Hello my creative friends:) This morning I want to share with you my first project of my 2015 Bloom Girl Season using the stunning ‘Emily’ in all of her gears and glory! I must tell you how much I adore gears and anything mechanical, when Jamie released Emily and Quentin, my heart skipped a beat. I knew my first project had to be filled with metallics and gears! 

Check out the Bloom Girl blog for the how to and to check out some more amazingly beautiful inspiration! But for now here are a few snippets:)

 Full view 


 Close ups



Supplies used: Prima Bloom Girl-Emily (#980306)
Prima primary paper- white (#845797)
Prima 6.5″x10.5″ bubbles stencil (#961299)
Prima art basics light paste (#961404)
Prima art basics heavy gesso -white (#961442)
Blue Fern Studios- large Roman clocks and gears
Indigo Blu Mega Flakes kit

Thank you so much for checking out my project and I hope you enjoyed! 

 xoxo Sherry

Quentin, so handsome:)

When Jamie Dougherty asked me to be a part of the Bloom Girls DT for the 2015 team I was beyond excited!! Then we got sneak peeks of the January release of stamps and stencils and I could barely wait!! Quentin was by absolute favourite… Not only is he the first Bloom Boy, but he is all full of gears and gadgets and that is a man after my heart! So I had to play and enjoyed every second of creating this steam punk projects!! Check out some other beautiful inspiration from my fab DT friends up on the Prima blog today!!




-Paper-primary textured paper pack, black (#845797)
-fluid chalk ink- dark bark and black coal
-Memory Hardware, Pearls(#990381),
-Memory Hardware, Louviers antique chains (#990305)
-Memory Hardware, La Vie antique cloches (#990312)
-Sunrise/Sunset Collection, mechanicals (#960353)
-Bella Rouge, brads (#579296)

Bloom Girl
-cling stamp, Quentin (#980337)
-stencil, Phrases (#980436)
-Metal Floral embellishments(#980221)


So I’m not sure why or how it took me so long to discover and truly enjoy sketches. For anyone who isn’t sure what a sketch is in the crafting world, it’s a ‘template’ for a design…. For example it’s like a map to follow to creat a projects, it’s there to inspire you…. Wether it’s a color pallet or a layout with specific elements, it’s a guide to inspire… The great thing about a sketch is that it can be take anyway you want! Everyone’s interpretation of what the sketch can look like will be different and that’s the beauty of it!
So here was my original inspirations…

I loved this sketch from Sketchabilities. Mixed media, layered layout mind went to work… First off,for some reason my mind kept seeing the sketch rotates clockwise, so with the composition decided I went to work adding layers and layers of beautiful texture:) and this what I came up with.







7 dots
Dreamer Collection (#SDPP0012)
Thoughts Keeper (#SDPP0116)

Coffee Stains cling stamps (#580247)
Liquid chalk ink-branch bark

Super Heavy Gesso (found here)

Affirmation stencil (MD41238)
Mini Tiny Circles stencil (TCW361s)

Lindy’s Stamp Gang
Limor Webber sprays (c’est vie cerise, chateau rosé)

Tim Holtz
Distressed ink (walnut stain)
Cling stamp-papillon (CMS106)

Indigo Blu
-FlitterGlu and Mega Flakes

Limor Webber
-Rugged Edge cling stamp
-Industrial lamps cling stamps

Design Memory Craft
Gelatos-gold and metallic mint

Silhouette die cuts