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love and happy.

Lets get this party started with a little bit of love for the ‘Sirena’ stamp and a fun candid picture form a fun weekend with our niece! I have to start by saying this is my favourite stamp from the last release and I don’t think I would be able to stop using it!!! So she will be my girl for this one:) So head to your stash, pick up a few fave supplies and lets get creating!!

Step 1

Once deciding where I would place my main image, I decided where my stamp would be placed. (they would go in the top left section of the layout.) So that’s exactly where I started, with a stamped image of ‘Sirena”. (tip: make sure to use a stamp pad with ink that won’t react with whatever sprays you use to maintain a crisp clean image)

I applied Golden fibre paste through a stencil peeking out around where my photo would be, and overlapping a bit of of the stamped image. I also applied some stencilling in the bottom right corner as well. Allow to air dry.

Select 3 co-ordinating spray colors and unscrew their tops off. Spray the stencilled areas with water. While the page is still wet use the ‘straw’ part of the sprayer and drag it along the edged of the paper and raised stencil areas. Dip the straw into the spray as much as needed to add more color. I made sure to apply all three colors together, while everything is still wet. I tilted the paper to allow for some beautiful drips. This also allows them to slightly blend together.

Step 2


To add a few details and enhance the stencilling from the previous step I messy sketched around the shapes with a permanent thin sharpie pen. I really love the look of a messy outline look!!

Behind where the focal point/photo will be I arranges some thread to peek out from behind the photo.

Step 3

Next up, arrange all of the goodies I have pulled out. These embellishments were super simple but effective to the layout and photo:)

I started with an assortment of white flowers. I sprayed then with the same spray colors from step 1.

A few tags, some scrap holes I cut off of watercolour paper pads and some flowers and I was set! I had a few leftover project life cards with the perfect sentiments for this layout!!

So the layering started, I made sure to arrange everything and generally lay it out before adhering anything down to make sure it looked good before making it permanent.

Once all of the embellies are stuck down and dry, I places a piece of scrap paper over my photo and took the same colors from Step 1 and splattered them over the stencilled areas… Then to tie it all together I added a few splatters of white gesso:)

And a few close ups!!!




The thing I love the most about this layout is that it doesn’t need a ton of supplies to create!!!!
Thank you so much for popping in and checking out my first layout back:) For more from me pop into my Facebook for more tutorials and product reviews and all things crafty! Also be sure to check out the Bloom Girl blog for the full supply list to be further inspired by the rest of the amazing DT!



love and kisses

Todays sneak peek is brought to you by the ever amazing Bloom Girls. This was one of those layouts that started one way, then I hated how it was turning out, so instead of throwing it out I salvaged what I loved and finished!! This is exactly how I like tp look at things in life… things may not always be perfect, or turn out how you want it to, but theres always…. ALWAYS a good part that can me held onto and rebuilt on!

So, here are some sneak peeks at what the full project will look like. Check out the Bloom Girls blog for the full tutorial and supply list.



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Busy Being Happy

I have recently decided i enjoy color:) LOL!! i used to always veer toward neutrals and soft colors when i was designing projects and embellishments, but lately I have been so into color! So here is my next layout using fun bold reds!

I am featuring a layout on the Bloom Girls blog today, that is where you will find a full tutorial and supply list! also make sure to pop over to my facebook and instagram for more sneak peeks of whats coming up and more tutorials on fun projects and new products!

Here is a look at the full layout:)


And a few close ups to see the awesome details and dimensions!






Thank you so much for popping in and checking out my sneak peek into my tutorial! make sure to head over to the Bloom Girls blog for the full tutorial and other inspiring projects by myself and the rest of the talented DT!!


My Boy:)

Hey my lovelies, Sherry here with another fab, fun way to use the ever amazing Bloom Girl (Boy) stamps! Today I am turning Quentin into a metallic element in my layout background. Sometimes we feel the stamps need to be in the forefront of everything we use them in, but they in fact add an amazing layer into backgrounds as well.

First off here’s a look at the full project we will be creating today! For a full list of supplies head on over to the Bloom Girl blog. You will also find a ton of beautiful inspiration, amazing projects and some gosh darn fab ladies!!

Now, pull out all your goodies and create along with me!!

Knowing i wanted a pretty neutral colour scheme for the base of this project i selected pattern paper accordingly and started with my first two layers. First I applied Prima fluid chalk ink through the Ricket stencil (MY FAV) to the are my photos will be places and a little in the opposite corner to create balance. Then using a kit that turns stamped images into metallics I stamped Quentin so that he would peek out from behind my photos. (Remember I don’t want him in the forefront, he is in the background of this layout!)

 And a few close ups so you can see the yummy metallicy, goodness!

I laid my photos where I would want them to be and traced lightly around them to mark where my photos would end up. Using the ‘sweet tea’ stencil i sprayed Bloom spray through the large open section of the stencil. (make sure to cover up the intricate side to avoid spray going through it) allow to dry. Then using molding paste apply it though the intricate side onto the sprayed silhouette. Allow to dry.

I wrapped cream colored piece of string around my hand making messy circles. I adhered these so they would peek out from behind my photos.

I took a gear mask and applied molding paste around Quentin like a halo, and a little bit in the bottom right corner just for a bit of fun! (the bottm right corner will also be the home for the title!) Once the paste if dry i lightly rubbed brown ink over the image to make it not so stark against the background.

Now the fun part!!! I took bit and pieces that were hanging out on my desk and used them as backgrounds for my photos! Keeping in mind where my photos will be I arranged all of goodies (mechanicals, Bloom Girl metal flowers and paper flowers) to peek out and enhance my layout.(HINT: I laid all these out before adhering them so I knew they would suit what I wanted and fill in the spaces I needed.) Once these are set and dry I used micro beads in small random spaces around the photos and dragged out from the top and bottom! Once all is dry and set, I dry brushed white gesso over the embellishments. Allow to dry.

Not lets add some color!!! With a fluffy brush I sprinkled my first of three Magical color in the desired areas and spray with water to active, and allow to dry. Then redo this same thing with the next two colors. once they are all dry i reapplied the colors until they reached the desired color that i loved!!

And a few close ups of this deliciousness!

Thank you so much for popping in and checking out my tutorial! For more inspiration, tutorials and projects please feel free to check out my facebook and instagram.



As I start almost all of my layouts, I adhered my pattern paper to a heavy chipboard piece to give the layout support and structure.

I chose two complimentary colored (purple and yellow) sprays. Starting with my ‘main’ color (yellow) I sprayed a large section towards the top right areas of the page. I wanted a pretty solid area covered so I made sure to use even, firm pressure pushing the sprayer all the way in. I also wanted to allow some to pool so I could tilt the page to create drips. Allow this to dry completely, this will allow the colors to stay separate and not mix/blend together as that isn’t the look I am going for today!

Taking my second color (purple) I wanted splatters so I used quick, short, pulse type stroked on the sprayer to create the splatters. Making sure to keep the spray bottle aprox 12″ front the paper to allow the drops to splatter some when they hit the paper! Allow to dry completely.

Using the Bloom Girl ricket stencil I applied matte gel medium through stencil onto the layout on top of the sprays! its important that the sprays are dry before you apply this of the paste will pick up some of the spray color!

Apply super heavy gesso through the Bloom Girls ‘wings’ stencil and allow to dry!

I laid my picture onto the layout where it was going to be placed in the end and traced around it with a pencil, this will allow be to add stamping and know what will peek out from the photo.

then I went nuts with my borer stamps, I like to primarily keep my linear stamps all going in the same direction (in this layout they’re all primarily vertical) as opposed to going horizontal, vertical and diagonal! I stamped all along the photo and a little bit in the bottom left corer, this made me feel like the layout was balanced to the eye.

I pulled out my ‘Sharon’ stamp and inked up just the butterflies around her head. Making sure to mask off the rest of her face and hair I stamped the butterflies around the edge of where the photo would be. Allow the ink to dry completely. Then I rubbed white gelato over the image of the butterflies and gave it a second to set. Using a small paintbrush I painted the butterflies using sprays(orange/yellow) and gelatos (blue). Allow these to dry.

Using a fun rub-on saying I added ‘you + me’ so it would sit along the bottom right edge of my photo!

BOOM!!!! add a photo with pop dots and we have a fun layout with some fun layers and visual texture!!!

And a few close up pics of this fab layout! THANK YOU for checking it out and playing along!! head over to the Bloom Girl blog for more inspirations, tutorials and how-tos!! ALSO it worth your while heading to the Bloom Girl blog as Courteney and I are having a fab giveaway! Ways to earn ballots at the bottom of BG post!



Bloom Girl

-‘ricket’ stencil (#980405)

-‘wings’ stencil (#980443)

-Sharon stamp (#980177)

Other Prima

-Bloom Sprays:



-Sunrise/Sunset collection ‘Celcius’ (#960018)

-Metal Paperclips, butterflies (#564643)

-Timeless Memories, metal trinkets (#579791)


-Liquitex, Super Heavy Gesso

-IndigoBlu, Limor Webber, Rugged Edge Stamps

-Dylusions Spray: Pure Sunshine (DYC33929)

-Faber-Castel, Gelato: metallic blue

-My Minds Eye, Jubilee: Rub-ons (#JB1069)



Having a bloomin good time with ‘Lacie’

you know when you have your FAVORITE things, crafty or not, that are your go-to’s. You will always ready for them first out of habit or favorism!!! I do that with my supplies, I pick favorited and tend to always go for them and neglect the rest no matter how amazing they are! Unfortunately Lacie fell into that neglected pile…. So as I rumaged through my goodies when I started planning this project I pulled Lacie out and decided she needed to get inky!!

So before I start I challenge you to dig through and past your favs and use some long, lost fabulously forgotten about items!!! Do it!!!! You could find a new favorite!!

Today I am doing a drippy, layery, textured piece using Lacie! She is fun and fierce and tattooed!!!! Woohoo edgy girl:) I will show you a few sneak peek of what you will find when you head over to Jamie Dougherty’s blog for the full tutorial!!

BGMarchCloseUp1 BGMarchCloseup2 GBMarchCloseUp3


Thank you for visiting this month and make sure to stick around and browse! become inspired, and create:) Also make sure to keep your eyes open on ARPIL 7 on the Bloom Girl blog for a few opportunities to win a gift package!!

Let’s swap beauties:)

So I took part in a project swap at the end of 2014, and was/am extremly excited to have taken part in it. What happened was I was given another woman’s name and she was given mine, we then made a project for each other…. We sent each other a picture and the rest was up to us… I received on photo then asked for two more and my mind went wild with all sorts of exciting ideas!!!

Since my beautiful new friend FINALLY received her project I can share!! I am in love how this baby turned out:)







And the full finished product!!!! 


And a few close ups…





And let me tell you what makes me feel good!! When the person I make a project for loves it:) 

‘Clockwork Princess’- Emily

Hello my creative friends:) This morning I want to share with you my first project of my 2015 Bloom Girl Season using the stunning ‘Emily’ in all of her gears and glory! I must tell you how much I adore gears and anything mechanical, when Jamie released Emily and Quentin, my heart skipped a beat. I knew my first project had to be filled with metallics and gears! 

Check out the Bloom Girl blog for the how to and to check out some more amazingly beautiful inspiration! But for now here are a few snippets:)

 Full view 


 Close ups



Supplies used: Prima Bloom Girl-Emily (#980306)
Prima primary paper- white (#845797)
Prima 6.5″x10.5″ bubbles stencil (#961299)
Prima art basics light paste (#961404)
Prima art basics heavy gesso -white (#961442)
Blue Fern Studios- large Roman clocks and gears
Indigo Blu Mega Flakes kit

Thank you so much for checking out my project and I hope you enjoyed! 

 xoxo Sherry

Quentin, so handsome:)

When Jamie Dougherty asked me to be a part of the Bloom Girls DT for the 2015 team I was beyond excited!! Then we got sneak peeks of the January release of stamps and stencils and I could barely wait!! Quentin was by absolute favourite… Not only is he the first Bloom Boy, but he is all full of gears and gadgets and that is a man after my heart! So I had to play and enjoyed every second of creating this steam punk projects!! Check out some other beautiful inspiration from my fab DT friends up on the Prima blog today!!




-Paper-primary textured paper pack, black (#845797)
-fluid chalk ink- dark bark and black coal
-Memory Hardware, Pearls(#990381),
-Memory Hardware, Louviers antique chains (#990305)
-Memory Hardware, La Vie antique cloches (#990312)
-Sunrise/Sunset Collection, mechanicals (#960353)
-Bella Rouge, brads (#579296)

Bloom Girl
-cling stamp, Quentin (#980337)
-stencil, Phrases (#980436)
-Metal Floral embellishments(#980221)

Happy birthday:)

So I am a handmade card kind of girl. Giving a store bought card when I have the supplies and means to make a card doesn’t seem like an option to me! So when my sisters bday came I bought her the perfect gift, wrapped it just right and realized I had 5 minutes till I had to leave to meet her!! So simplicity was my method for her card! Simplicity can be beautiful, stunning and impactful! Here is the beauty I made her in 5 minutes tops!!


Prima Marketing
-Bloom Sprays, Iris (#573744) and Peony(#573904)
-Bloom Girls- water-colour paper(#980269)
-Sharon cling stamp(#980177)

Prismacolour water colour pencils