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The Girls

LW DT photoHey ladies and gents and fellow crafty people!!! Sherry here with some more crafty beauties:)

This summer was filled with amazing things and SO many memories!! Not only did I get married but two of my best friends also got married! Between the three of us we have had a busy few months!! Along with these memories came some amazing photos! This layout was inspired but a pic taken at one of the stagettes! It’s so nice to be able to get all dolled up and go out with the girls from time to time! And to take a pic of two!! Love these moments, and I love that they will be remembered because I chose to take the time.

Challenge you to do the same! take a photo, a memory and make sure they never get forgotten! it doesn’t matter if you scrapbook, do mixed media, do a journal, make a photo album or make memory planners. All that matters is that you don’t let the little moments get forgotten, sometimes they’re just as important as the big moments!

Once the creativity started to flow I knew this pic and my thought process matched Limor Webber Designs, Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays!!!

The full image!


And a few fab close ups!!


Thank you so much for popping in and checking out my latest tutorial and hopefully you will go and make memories and find your way to remember them!!!

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For the full tutorial and supply list, head over to the Limor Webber Designs DT inspiration page!!



love and happy.

Lets get this party started with a little bit of love for the ‘Sirena’ stamp and a fun candid picture form a fun weekend with our niece! I have to start by saying this is my favourite stamp from the last release and I don’t think I would be able to stop using it!!! So she will be my girl for this one:) So head to your stash, pick up a few fave supplies and lets get creating!!

Step 1

Once deciding where I would place my main image, I decided where my stamp would be placed. (they would go in the top left section of the layout.) So that’s exactly where I started, with a stamped image of ‘Sirena”. (tip: make sure to use a stamp pad with ink that won’t react with whatever sprays you use to maintain a crisp clean image)

I applied Golden fibre paste through a stencil peeking out around where my photo would be, and overlapping a bit of of the stamped image. I also applied some stencilling in the bottom right corner as well. Allow to air dry.

Select 3 co-ordinating spray colors and unscrew their tops off. Spray the stencilled areas with water. While the page is still wet use the ‘straw’ part of the sprayer and drag it along the edged of the paper and raised stencil areas. Dip the straw into the spray as much as needed to add more color. I made sure to apply all three colors together, while everything is still wet. I tilted the paper to allow for some beautiful drips. This also allows them to slightly blend together.

Step 2


To add a few details and enhance the stencilling from the previous step I messy sketched around the shapes with a permanent thin sharpie pen. I really love the look of a messy outline look!!

Behind where the focal point/photo will be I arranges some thread to peek out from behind the photo.

Step 3

Next up, arrange all of the goodies I have pulled out. These embellishments were super simple but effective to the layout and photo:)

I started with an assortment of white flowers. I sprayed then with the same spray colors from step 1.

A few tags, some scrap holes I cut off of watercolour paper pads and some flowers and I was set! I had a few leftover project life cards with the perfect sentiments for this layout!!

So the layering started, I made sure to arrange everything and generally lay it out before adhering anything down to make sure it looked good before making it permanent.

Once all of the embellies are stuck down and dry, I places a piece of scrap paper over my photo and took the same colors from Step 1 and splattered them over the stencilled areas… Then to tie it all together I added a few splatters of white gesso:)

And a few close ups!!!




The thing I love the most about this layout is that it doesn’t need a ton of supplies to create!!!!
Thank you so much for popping in and checking out my first layout back:) For more from me pop into my Facebook for more tutorials and product reviews and all things crafty! Also be sure to check out the Bloom Girl blog for the full supply list to be further inspired by the rest of the amazing DT!


love and kisses

Todays sneak peek is brought to you by the ever amazing Bloom Girls. This was one of those layouts that started one way, then I hated how it was turning out, so instead of throwing it out I salvaged what I loved and finished!! This is exactly how I like tp look at things in life… things may not always be perfect, or turn out how you want it to, but theres always…. ALWAYS a good part that can me held onto and rebuilt on!

So, here are some sneak peeks at what the full project will look like. Check out the Bloom Girls blog for the full tutorial and supply list.



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Busy Being Happy

I have recently decided i enjoy color:) LOL!! i used to always veer toward neutrals and soft colors when i was designing projects and embellishments, but lately I have been so into color! So here is my next layout using fun bold reds!

I am featuring a layout on the Bloom Girls blog today, that is where you will find a full tutorial and supply list! also make sure to pop over to my facebook and instagram for more sneak peeks of whats coming up and more tutorials on fun projects and new products!

Here is a look at the full layout:)


And a few close ups to see the awesome details and dimensions!






Thank you so much for popping in and checking out my sneak peek into my tutorial! make sure to head over to the Bloom Girls blog for the full tutorial and other inspiring projects by myself and the rest of the talented DT!!


Heart This

So its no secret that I love my fiance…Duh we wouldn’t be getting married otherwise!! lol! But, we realized after a super sad time, a friend passed away, that we had almost no photos together… we sat there at his funeral and watched the slide show full of love, smiles and happy times. At that time we realized that we had next to no photos of us doing everyday normal things.. we had the ones where we had a photographer take photos but almost none of us just doing everyday things together. So I made it my goal that we would fill our phones with photos of us doing the everyday! Jamie laughs every time I pull out my phone, but he gets it, he wants the same moments documented as I do. Plus he knows he is marrying a woman who likes to put everything onto a layout and show the world, so this will be his forever anyways!!

There are two reasons i told you that story… 1) the photo used in this layout is super random…. we were with our niece at a play park and i thought to myself “self, this would be a good time to document and remember!” 2)I wanted to remind you all that the everyday is just as important as this perfect, set up moments where you look perfect and exactly as you want to! The everyday messy hair, no make up photos are important as well! so take them! remember the everyday:)

so here it is… my next layout that was inspired by the everyday… this layout will remind me of a normal everyday moment every time I walk past it:)

Here is the full layout!



And a few close ups:)


thank you so much for stopping in and checking out a sneak peek of my layout tutorial! To check out the full tutorial and supply list head over to the Limor Webber Designs DT inspiration blog! Also check out my facebook and instagram for regular sneak peeks and tutorials!!

A Little Gift

today I got to shower a great friend with love and happiness:) it was her bridal shower and naturally my mind went crafty… What could I make her… So I decided double layouts, and a date memory box were perfect!

After days of layers, hours of drying and loads of medium I designed two fab layouts featuring two of my fav pics of the beautiful couple!!

I started by find out the brides fav colors; blue, pink and grey. With that said I created two backgrounds, one with blues and one with pinks! Next was a thick layer of stencilled coarse moulding paste.  Then I added a touch of grey to them both to enhance the paste.

I laid the pic where I wanted to end up being and sketched around it with a stabilo pencil, then sprayed it with water, I love how the color bleeds when wet.

For the blue layout I layered flowers, chipboard pieces and embellishments before adhering the photo. Dry brush white gesso onto the embellishments and apply more blues and greys. Once dry, use pop dots to adhere to photo onto layout on top of the flowered pieces.

For the pink layout I adhered the photo down then adhered flowers, chipboard and embellishments. Then I applied white gesso to the embellishments and applied more pink and grey tones to them.

On both layouts I covered the photos and splattered around the photo keeping the splatters tight and not over the entire layout! This helped to tie it all together!!

here is a pic of how the full three projects look together!!!


Here is a look at the full pink project with a few close ups!


And now the Blue project:)


And a pic of the Date Memory box.



thank you so much for visiting and i hope you enjoyed!


Sketchabilities sketch #135

Woohoo! It’s finally here! This is my first post as a Sketchabilities DT member:) I must make a confession before we even get started!!! I was a sketch newbie until VERY recently and let me tell you I had no idea what I was missing! I am hooked. So the thing I love most about sketches is that they give you a template and leave the rest up to you! You can do anything your heart desires!!! I am hooked and in love. Join me in my new obsession, the rules are lists below and there is an awsome lottle prize for the winners selected (also listed below).  So here it is…. My first sketch and design! Enjoy:) and also check out the Sketchabilies Blog to see what the rest of the Design Team whipped up:)


My take on this beautiful sketch!!!

Supplies purchased at my fav online store! Check it out:)

 Sketchabilities social media




Sponsored by Dies R Us!! Enter to win a 20$ gift certificate to Dies Are Us store!!




 Rules & Guidelines
1. The deadline for our 15th Reveal is the 28th of the month.

2. The deadline for our 30th Reveal is the 13th of the following month.

3. The Top Five (depending on number of entries up to 10) viewed blogs (determined by our linky system settings)will be featured during our next Reveal

4. To be eligible for Sponsor Giveaway you must enter each challenge by the due date! If you have been selected as a Sponsor Giveaway Winner, you only have 30 days to contact me to claim your prize. I do my best to leave messages on your blog to notify you of your winnings. If you do not contact me in that time frame, your prize will be null and void and Our Sponsor no longer responsible to fulfill their Giveaway.

5. This is an international blog, based out of Ontario, Canada with International Sponsors, so anyone can enter.

6. Layouts submitted for each SKETCH CHALLENGE– MAY NOT–be combined with any other SKETCH CHALLENGE ( for obvious reasons) and may only be combined with no more then 3 OTHER blog challenges or contest.

7. Layouts must be original, and may not have been previously posted online or any other challenge site. Participants must also link back to our sketch site (sketchabilities.blogspot.com) We would also love it if you shared our Sketch that inspired you too.

8. We do our best to ensure that each participant receives comments from our design team members. We can only do this IF they do NOT have Word Verification on their blogs {if you do it is less likely that you will receive comments as the word Verification images are difficult to understand and can be very time consuming. If receiving comments is important to you, please select COMMENT MODERATION instead}

9. Although my sketches are based on a 12×12 layout, we understand that you may be inspired to create other projects, so we would love for you to link any project you create from our Sketches as long as our sketch is visible in the final project.

10. You need to be a blog owner to play. (so you can link up to your blog).
Please don’t link up to galleries or forums! This will cause problems for our Design Team especially if they are not members themselves & therefore cannot gain access easily.

11. Please do not link to your entire blog as this makes it difficult to find your post & could result in our Design Team being unable to comment. Please provide a direct link to your post that contains the take on our reveal not to your entire blog.

12. You may enter each challenge as many times as you wish!But only one of your projects can be selected for a Giveaway and or Featured Designer! 

 Happy Scrapping!

Be gentle…..

The following is my fab tutorial…

This was actually my first tutorial I did so be gentle with me!! Lol. I have done a lot of research and promise for better photos for the next one!! Can’t go back and re take pics!! I just couldn’t not share this baby with you. I love the finished product so much!! Lol but still enjoy, this one is technique packed!!! I promise for better pics next time!!!


Step 1: I used clear gesso to stiffen up my background paper! This will make it hold up with all the layers I’m going to be adding! Allow this to dry or use a hear gun to speed up the process!!


Step 2: Take out a ‘bubbles’ stencil and Super heavy white gesso (by liquitex) and using a palette knife (you can use anything you would like to spread the gesso ie and old credit card or gift card) spread gesso through the stencil diagonally accross the layout. (Top left corner down to bottom right corner). Allow this to dry!


Step 3: Pull out your gloss gel medium and a chevron stencil, using a plette knife apply gel medium through the stencil from the right edge and smear towards the centre. (I used a gloss gel medium for this step because I wanted it to resist the other layers I am going to put on top of this.) allow this to dry. (I prefer to let gel mediums dry on their own because it reduces the chance of bubbling and keeps a smoother finish!)


Step 4: While my project is finishing drying, I took out some wood letters (by Prima), some embossing powder (by Lindy’s Stamp Gang) and versamark (pad and pen). First I pressed the wood pieces letter side down in the versamark pad and sprinkled ‘angel wings peacock’ embossing powder and heat gunned them! Then using the versamark pen I brushed the edges. The I sprinkled ‘midnight gold’ embossing powder on the wood pieces again. Before heat gunning these I took a small, dry paint brush and made sure there was only ‘midnight gold’ powder along to edges, none in the middle. Then heat gun!!


Step 5: Taking pieces from my ‘scraps’ bin I cut different widths (2″-1/2″). First I took my Prima distressing tool and distressed the edges of the strips of paper. Then using my Gelatos (by Faber-Castell) I distressed the edges. To do this I started with my gold Gelato and rubbed it along the edge and using my finger I smudged the color in a circular motion to make sure I got to gold about 1/8″-1/4″ in from the edges. Then I lightly applied the black Gelato to the edges and smudged with a straight king staying parallel to the edge I’m working on the keep the black just along the edges.

Arrange these along the right edge of the background and a few along the bottom. Keeping the ‘bulk’ of the paper to the bottom right area. And layer the. To be visually appealing to you!

Take your black Gelato and smudge it along the background around the edges of the strips of paper you just layer down. This will help keep the, defined and stand out from the background.


Step 6: Using the same bubble stencil from the background, some random die cut pieces (by Pink Paislee) and some different mediums (chalk board paint by PRIMA and Faver-Castell, super heavy gesso by Liquitex) I applied ‘bubbles’ to each piece of die cut paper. I kept each medium to their own pieces of paper, but you could use more then one if you wanted! Allow to dry.




Step 7: Using the Prima distressing took i distressed my photo along the edges and scratched in the corners on the surface of the photo as well. Using the gold and black Gelatos I smudged them on the edges of the photo and die cuts in the same fashion as the strips of paper from step 5.

Arrange the die cut pieces with out attaching together using the photos as a guide for where you want the pieces to sit. Once you have th die cuts arranged how you like use a stapler to attach them together.

Using pop dots adhere your photo to these stapled die cut pieces. Use your white Pit Pen to accent the die cuts and the edges of the picture. (I smudged my white pen to soften it a little bit)



Step 8: in a spare container smudge a thick layer of your accent color to the bottom. Now add water to this and mix with the non-brush end of a small paintbrush, mixing until it’s a smooth liquid. Pour this into a mini mister and use as a custom spray!! I sprayed this in the bottom right corner so the spray would peek out once the photo arrangement was in top of it. Allo this to dry.


Step 9: using the same bubble stencil as before I applied some random spots or bubbles using super heavy white gesso. This helps to tie it all together and adds an element to a majority or the layers in one way or another



Step 10: take light molding paste (by Prima) and put it into a container (I used a paint palette) and scrape in some Gelatos of your feature colors. (I used the same blue I used the the spray from step 8 and the gold I have been using all along! Keeping the colors separate) and mix thoroughly. Using your bubble stencil apply a set of gold bubble from the top left towards the centre and a set of blue bubble in the same area.


Step 11:using a black pit pen (Faber-Castell) rub it onto your number/letter stamp to apply a date onto a piece of chipboard (Bloom Girls, PRIMA).

Step 12: using pop dots adhere your photo/die cut collage onto the bottom right corner of your layout.


Step 13: rip a spare piece of paper to aprox the size of your photo. Place this over your photo to protect it. Using a fan paint brush dip it into a liquid/runny paint. The tapping the brush over the bottom right area of your layout. Allow this to dry the remove the paper that was covering your picture.

And you’re done!!! Here are a few more pics of the layout in its completion!




I need to shout out a big thank you to my fav online store, Limor Webber Designs Online Store. It’s so easy to get exactly what I need and it’s ready quickly!!! She keeps me stocked up on my faves so I am never out!!! So please support this amazing woman and check out the store. (Hint: there’s always gems in the sale section as well!!!)

Let me inspire!

So I was beyond pumped to be involved as a Guest Design Team member for Bloom Girls!! And was even more pumped when I got to do the first blog post!! I love mixed media and layers and texture and this was my spin on the beautiful ‘Summer’ stamp!! Take a look at the photos below and head over the the Bloom Girl DT blog for more on how to!!

Full view and a few close ups!






-molding paste, matte gel medium, fibre paste, acrylic BASIC paint

Prima Marketing Inc
-assorted metal flowers, metal bottle caps, stencils, bloom sprays

Bloom Girl
-‘Summer’ cling stamp

-dylusions sprays

Tim Holtz
-rubber background stamps

-old book paper, old sheet music, old sewing patterns


Challenge yourself!!

Today is the start of the Bloom Girl DT journey, and what better way to start then with a challenge!! You can head over to the Bloom Girl blog and check out the guidelines and inspiration from the design team!

Here is the guides… In the below photo you can use one, some or all of the elements suggested!! Jamie Dougherty has put together an amazing pallet for us to play!! You don’t even have to have the Bloom Girl stamps/stencils to play along. (But wouldn’t it be fun if you did!!??)


Here is my challenge inspiration!! I had a ton of fun with the pinks and even the beautiful ‘Free Spirit’ Bloom Girl stamp. So feel free to be inspired or to get creative and follow along. I’d love to see your work and I’d love to be inspired!!







Product used

Prima Marketing Inc
-resin frame
-assorted paper/canvas flowers
-Bloom Girl ‘Free Spirit’ stamp
-resist letters
-Bloom sprays
-Prima distress tool
-dots stencil

Donna Downey
-morrocan stencil

Pink Paislee
-watercolor paper pack

-flexible molding paste

-seam binding ribbon
-silhouette cut outs
-wooden banners